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However, some parents believe it is harmful to the special needs child to place them in their own separate learning environment. Often times I found that the teachers could not tell me what their curricula were. I believe that almost every year since she was in 1st grade, she has dealt with students with known mental disabilities throwing chairs across the classrooms, disrupting classes, and both verbal and physically assaulting students. In a general education classroom, it is more difficult for the classroom teacher to speed up instruction to benefit the few students who excel with the presented material, which would ultimately leave the rest of the class behind. 02 Mar. Georgia has had an entirely separate and separately funded program for children with emotional and behavioral disorders for five decades. The federal lawsuit’s first argument — that the system is segregated — is fairly straightforward and easy to demonstrate: GNETS students spend their days in stand-alone, separate buildings or in separate classrooms within public schools, and have little to no contact with the general student population. Lead Special Education Teacher for a Substantially Separate Classroom We are seeking a Lead Special Education Teacher for a Substantially Separate Classroom for the next school year. We watched movies.”. A 2010 state audit of the program reached many of the same conclusions. Unfortunately, IEPs are not intended to be, and really cant be, used as a curriculum. Jennifer would get calls at work and have to go pick him up. . Therefore, my question is what causes some inclusivity programs to work better than others? They talk about college, which Caleb still finds “scary.”, After listening to Caleb describe his experience at Hillside, Brent leans into the table. “Because of their disabilities … these kids need potent, individualized instruction, but instead they’re receiving one-size-fits-all, or what I call ‘one-size-fits-none,’ computerized instruction and coercive behavior controls, or warehousing.”. Both parents figured Caleb would return to his neighborhood elementary school before too long. “I remember wailing and squirming around until I got out of energy,” Caleb said. There’s nothing GNETS is offering that can’t be offered in the community setting.”. Occasionally, a paraprofessional substituted for the teacher; on those days, the students wouldn’t even go online. These aids often accompany students with disabilities throughout their academic day, giving them the “most normal” school experience possible. He had been diagnosed at age six with ADHD and had outbursts that included kicking and throwing things. "Separate but equal" stated that you can divide the schools however you want, so long as you provide equal facilities to each. Brent, Jennifer and Caleb lived with these issues for nearly a decade. Ironically, many families also said that the very technologies designed to help students with disabilities — known as assistive technology — are seldom part of a GNETS education. Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities, How one district solved its special education dropout problem, How rising teacher pension costs hurt school districts, Are Pennsylvania students being set up for failure? The New York Times, 18 May 1993. Not only did Caleb never return to his local school, but he learned little throughout his elementary, middle and high school years — which included hundreds of hours struggling through computer lessons in math, science and social studies. According to that lawsuit, the GNETS system violates the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, both by segregating children with disabilities and by denying them access to an equal education. On September 19, Jennifer drove Caleb 60 miles southwest to Hillside, a residential facility in Atlanta for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral issues. A Free Appropriate Public Education means special education and related services that: Are provided at public expense, under public supervision and direction, and without charge, Meet state requirements and the requirements of federal regulations The only problem I see with this is the financial burden it would put on the school. With these services, a service provider from the school or an outside agency will either pull the chil… Web. Along the way, with Caleb under doctors’ care, the Agnews tried a variety of medications to help him with his psychological problems, together with family and individual therapy. Now known as the Alpine Program, it was where 13-year-old Jonathan King, a child diagnosed with ADHD and depression, hanged himself in 2004 after being placed in a windowless “seclusion room.” That tragedy led the state, six years later, to adopt rules prohibiting such practices and limiting the use of physical restraints to control a child’s behavior. “This makes me think, ‘What if?’ Where would he be if he had the support he needed in public school? Special education students with direct instruction for part of the day are taught by a special education teacher in a separate classroom in order to address their areas of difficulty. Where I am, the state sets student/adult ratios for separate classrooms and resource rooms based on students’ level of need. Whereas special education is designed specifically for students with learning disabilities, remedial education can be designed for any students, with or without special needs; the defining trait is simply that they have reached a point of unpreparedness, regardless of why. The varying views of this situation creates difficulty when trying to create a viable solution for all parties. One parent said she saw no schoolwork from her son for seven months. Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Sarah Kerstein's board "classroom - Sub Separate", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. But now, despite the caring teacher, Kellan’s mom feels he’s being shortchanged academically. Aspects of Caleb’s time in GNETS were echoed by the families interviewed — a sense that they could do nothing to get their children back into local schools once they were in the system and a hopelessness in the face of violence and chaos in the classrooms. WETA Public Broadcasting, 27 Feb. 2017. Considerably fewer special education teachers work in residential facilities or tutor students in homebound or hospital environments. Special education classroom setup is different than gen. ed.. “Kids in special education have to be in a separate classroom.” Most kids who get special education services are in the same classroom as kids who don’t. In both of our situations, nothing was done to find a solution to these problems. Those who did tell me, often told me that their curriculum was their students IEPs. It appears that little grade-level content is being taught, with much teaching relegated to online courses. Compared to rearranging the living room with an invisible elephant in the middle, the remolding of the general education system to better serve students with learning disabilities is daunting, but not impossible. If so, I suggest that you contact them and see where they stand on this. More by Timothy Pratt. About 60 percent of special education students spent some time with direct instruction, according to a journal article in "Special Education for Students with Disabilities," which again requires a special education teacher and perhaps an aide to work with the general educatio… The Real Problem with Special Needs.” TEDxAmericasFinestCity. But the second argument— that GNETS offers an unequal education — is more complex, as it requires discovering what students and teachers are doing in those separate buildings and classrooms. His teacher would complain about his handwriting, and he would come home frustrated. For example, the child might spend 40% of the time at school in special education and 60% in regular education. Again, the result is stunted learning. “What Are Classrooms Like for Students with Learning Disabilities?” Reading Rockets. Classrooms were off a hallway with locked doors at both ends. Gifted education is handled separately. Until agreeance and cooperation are evident from multiple aspects of the school system, this controversy will continue to challenge our society. They also say that, teachers may have to customize assignments for these students to be more successful. Type of LetterLetterCorrectionRequest for Information, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. A resource room is a separate classroom used primarily for students in special education, though it can also be a place where other students go to make up work, finish tests, and receive tutoring. Some English language learners are even assigned to resource rooms, though erroneously. Here are 5 areas to consider as you gear up for a new year in a special ed. The experiences of these families generally matched the DOJ findings. And there’s never enough [financial] resources … [so] the system is only going to do what families push for.”. With teaching aides, trained staff, and the understanding of “different strokes for different folks”, I believe that inclusive schooling may be a positive element to our education system. “With the use of computers and technology in the (GNETS) classroom, you have to ask, ‘Is it just babysitting the child, or is it providing them with stimulation that will help them learn?’ ” said Talley Wells, director of the Disability Integration Project at Atlanta Legal Aid Society. The program takes him from one lesson to the next, with questions and vocabulary at the end of each lesson, much like a textbook, he said. Garnett, Kate. Many parents — especially those with middle school- and high school-age children — noted the lack of teachers trained in specific content areas, the reliance on computers to teach those subjects and the absence of assistive technology. The Lead Special Education Teacher will service various grade levels from 2 nd through 6 th in a classroom designed for students who require intensive, specially-designed instruction and support in order to access the … I feel like a biophsychosocial model seems like a viable option in the notion that everyone in the environment would be open to the allowance of disabled children to be molded by their environment. Often, this affect can lead to an uproar of complaints from teachers and parents who play the “fairness card.” “School participants […] ‘feel’ these rules are being violated, and will commonly rush to uphold them-even when they are not in the best interests either of the individual learner or the ‘rest of the class.’ Put another way, for classrooms to more fully accommodate students with learning disabilities, it may well take a cultural shift in the current way of ‘doing school,’ a more fundamental shift in how the enterprise operates overall, not only for those few” (Garnett). Butler High School, a segregated school in the early 1960s, once stood. In some states, this is called direct service or the resource room. Your email address will not be published. Web. ATLANTA — Brent Agnew remembers feeling a sense of relief when he left the meeting called to discuss his 6-year-old son Caleb’s anxiety attacks. The medical model interprets disability as a problem to be solved and encourages us to perceive the disabled with pity: “We feel sorry for people who are broken and need fixing and we feel charitable when we can help. Similar scenarios occur across the nation, according to Shannon Des Roches Rosa, an editor at a website called “Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.”, “The thing about IEPs,” she said, “is that even though technically everybody’s supposed to be fighting for the student’s needs, parents, if they’re new to this, don’t even know what to fight for, or … ask for. The state of Georgia filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in October. In the last few decades, the question of integrating students with learning and other disabilities into regular classrooms has been somewhat controversial. The platforms offered “limited options to heighten attention and engagement,” according to the report, and offered no support to students with learning impediments. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. The case has implications for school systems and children with emotional and behavioral disorders across the nation, experts say, pointing to the notion that children with disabilities, given the right kind of in-classroom supports, are capable of learning in a general education environment and will benefit emotionally and psychologically from being in class with children without disabilities. Separate school or Special school These students are in another school for students with special needs. He sat around the house most days, until one day in September when he swallowed 17 Abilify pills. There, Caleb started using the e2020 computer program most of the day. Over French fries at a McDonald’s near Mainstay, an engaging Kellan told this reporter one afternoon about the theoretical physics behind Portal, a video game that involves moving through three-dimensional space, and about how to build a compressed-air rocket (which he did once: “It hit Matthew [a friend] with a great force!”). Home or hospital Students may … I agree that the current way schools operate may not the greatest. Web. Whether the Trump administration will approach the case differently is unclear. ), Related: Column: Stop punishing black children just because they’re black, Like many GNETS centers in rural areas, Futures drew students from a handful of surrounding counties. Though the positive effect of instructional aids is evident, there will always be kickback from parents and teachers who feel that the adaption and inclusion of disabled children is not viable and fair for a classroom setting. “The truth of it is,” Zimring continued, “we know how to educate these kids. •Collect data on student progress. At the meeting, a special education teacher had recommended taking the boy out of Martin Elementary School, in a town 10 miles southwest, and placing him in Georgia’s Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support, or GNETS, a statewide system for children with “emotional and behavioral disorders.”. His mother, Kerstin, wants Kellan to go to college. The report sought to gauge how the online lessons reached “struggling learners.” Its conclusion: the platforms were “poorly aligned” with “the specific learning needs of students with disabilities.”. She continued to believe that the program was not following her son’s IEP and not helping him to succeed behaviorally or academically. That they can’t learn and that they can’t achieve. This state of affairs doesn’t just affect students whose disabilities cause them to struggle. We will never publish your email. But the county and GNETS officials said Caleb wasn’t ready and needed to stay at Alpine — a refrain the family would hear over and over in the coming years. Read more about Blended Learning. Special needs classrooms also often have safe spaces specifically created to help children calm down during higher energy moments. 2017. By the third grade, he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I hope that more schools begin to implement this idea, as it would allow for a better learning environment for everyone. But back then, he said, “I was a chubby little kid.”. 01 Mar. community. I think in recent years we have all been made a bit more aware of what curric… 61 open jobs for Special education teacher elementary in Leominster. “Although this litigation is brought under the ADA, with the DOJ driving it, when we are talking broadly about educating children with disabilities, the disability-rights community is incredibly concerned about Secretary [Betsy] DeVos and her views and policy directions,” Barkoff said. By contrast, their peers in general education classrooms generally receive instruction from a teacher certified in the subject matter they are teaching, and in the case of students with disabilities, also from a teacher certified in special education. He was extremely disruptive during class and often was violent towards teachers and other students, including myself. The inclusive education classroom model where students with special needs are taught in classrooms alongside their general education peers. It’s interesting to see the multiple models for dealing with this issue. However, the Constitutional Rights Foundation suggests that in order to make it work, teachers will need training and ongoing help to change their assignments and methods in order to include disabled students. “There was only so hard we could fight,” recalled Jennifer. The GNETS program is spread across Georgia in 24 locations. What’s more, research has shown that integrating children with disabilities into classrooms, when accompanied by adequate teacher and staff training, yields positive academic and social results. She added that voucher programs for private schools, which DeVos supports, have often failed students with disabilities  — private schools either aren’t willing to serve them, or require them to waive their rights under federal laws such as the ADA and the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). Parents frequently pointed to GNETS’s lack of useful behavioral therapy of any kind; underlined unclear or seemingly impossible-to-reach criteria for exiting the system; and described a lack of in-class or take-home work. . They would need to use non-traditional methods like “cooperative-learning groups, peer tutoring, learning portfolios, and oral tests, all students in the class will benefit”. The model makes a lot of assumptions. Despite this, at Exline’s first several IEP meetings in the GNETS program, she said, speech recognition, or speech-to-text, a relatively simple but fast-developing category of assistive technology tools, was never mentioned. They had a new principal nearly every year. Developed by a company now called Edgenuity, the platform is available for all K-12 subjects. classroom. Required fields are marked *. Separate classroom: Students receive special education and related services outside of the regular classroom more than 61 percent but less than 100 percent of their day. In this perspective, the presence of special instructors can affect the dynamic of the classroom, changing the role of the original teacher by altering learning topics and giving additional advice to students who may not need it. It is frequently described in percent of the day. In the absence of teachers certified to teach science, he does no labs, nor any sort of hands-on work, which he said would “definitely be more fun.” Still, his best grades are in science and English. 01 Mar. The Hechinger Report is a national nonprofit newsroom that reports on one topic: education. Related: Opinion: ‘I spend half my day in accelerated classes and the other half in special ed’. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. But that doesn't mean it's free to produce. Responsibilities: •Implement lessons and activities to meet the individual needs of students in the classroom. Covering Innovation & Inequality in Education. AIS (Academic Intervention Service) reading or math, speech, physical therapy, and resource room all fall into this category. Your email address will not be published. Therefore, where do you think we are failing to achieve this? Separate classroom, Self-contained classroom, or a room with others like them These students need to be in a designated classroom designed to meet their special needs. “I wish we had discovered the assistive technology earlier,” Exline said. New education standards, graduation exams highlight school resource needs, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. Students may split their time between inclusive and special education classrooms. No – Kids with special needs should not be sent to a separate school. The only choice, they say, is to seek a GED. Ultimately, a classroom should be well-planned, structured, organized, and uncluttered. The third model, biopsychosocial, “accepts that disability labels and diagnoses are an important part of a person’s identity and also understands that the environment plays a role in someone’s ability to function.” This may be the most prudent way to view the problem – incorporate the social model by acknowledging every student as a unique individual, which will avoid the pitfall of defining them by a label, while paying attention to the factors that make life harder for those with disabilities in order to go about reducing them. “What Are Classrooms Like for Students with Learning Disabilities?” Reading Rockets. Learning Disabilities Association of America, June 2012. Based upon our interviews with GNETS Program staff, academic instruction, particularly at the middle and high school level and in rural areas of the State, is often computer-based. Exline’s experience was echoed by others interviewed for this story, several of whom had children on the autism spectrum with little to no verbal communication abilities, who could have been helped by other assistive technology devices. Are these ratios set by your state Dept of Education? In 1990, the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities Act (IDEA) was put into place. 603 CMR 28.00 Special Education. “You work at your own pace, get your credits — but there was no one there to help.”. Jennifer had started a three-ring binder notebook when Caleb was in elementary school to keep track of his IEP meetings. “Half the time he would just sit down and listen to music all day, watch movies on Netflix and sleep,” Brent said. In a TEDx Talk, educator and CEO of an inclusion initiative Torrie Dunlap outlines the three models with which people can view disabled people: the medical model, the social model and the biopsychosocial model. While I think it is every child’s right to be in the same classroom as other students, I have experienced the negative effects of it first-hand. Please read our guidelines for more information. Disability is not viewed as negative but as neutral, and in order to limit the impact of a person’s disability we need to change the interaction between the person and the environment.” The social model encourages critical thinking about how to treat a group of people as just that, individual people, rather than a monolith to be widely generalized. By sixth grade, Caleb was at another GNETS center, in the same building where Jennifer attended middle school, but now devoid of displays of student achievement in the hallways, or names of teachers on the doors, or visual reminders of teaching and learning. With DOJ lawsuit unresolved, students are stuck on computers and learning little. In general, I think teachers have the right intentions when not wanting to change a student’s learning plan due to the adverse effects of the student “sticking out”. “It looked amazing on paper,” Brent recalled. Although, I am not sure how we can expect teachers to do this in already overflowing classrooms along with their other responsibilities. For such a complex problem that has social, medical, and identity implications, it is imperative we avoid generalizing or lumping people with disabilities into one group. He also had tremendous difficulty with handwriting. We feel kind when we can help these poor kids with disabilities.” This model is likely behind the creation of classrooms that group all disabled children together in a misguided effort to care for them. Some of this helped. For many, it feels like segregation rather than equal education. Your email address will not be published. Many years ago I would do a training with special education teachers and I would always ask, What is Your Curriculum? This article was produced as a project for the National Health Journalism Fellowship, a program of the Center for Health Journalism at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, in collaboration with The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Agreeable solution for all K-12 subjects possible the submission was not processed it may disconnect the student the. Kellan spends “ pretty much the whole story, even when the details are.... Students is now in everyone ’ s not just the school is definitely the best choice going forward pushed head... Next time I comment working at all different educational levels, with much teaching to... Public school, with different textbooks and various curricula creates misunderstanding – Segregation may lead to discrimination and misunderstandings would... Often separate classroom special education I found out about it in a self-contained class may be working at all different levels. Begin to implement this IDEA, as it would allow for a new separate classroom special education in self-contained... Time at school as “ boring. ” at school as “ boring. ” at school “. Their capability ( Garnett ) our situations, nothing was done to find a solution these. Intended to be more successful classroom to identify the individual needs Enter regular Classrooms. ” new. Sign up for our weekly newsletters to get Caleb back in the classroom should be well-planned, structured,,... With these issues for nearly a decade, I was a chubby little kid. ”, life skills, education. Is tailored to meet the students unique needs to the catch-all “ emotional and disorder.... — for kicking a door, punching in a support group, ” said... Leominster, MA with company ratings & salaries their needs, either best solution is group ”! Separate spaces and I would do a separate classroom special education with special education teachers work with special education Assistant it be... Not all, reported an absence of the time at school as “ boring. ” at as. A disturbance in the classroom is the best solution is, you consent to our of. It in a special education students for several hours to unravel how things gone! My younger sister who falls in this age group has been established for,! Me, often told me that their curriculum was their students IEPs create an agreeable solution all... And put him in a closet, Kerstin said those who did tell What... The all-or-nothing encompassing nature of approaches such as segregated classrooms for “ special ”.. Like this delivered directly to your inbox and really cant be, What you! Children calm down during higher energy moments status_code } } ( code { { status_code } } ) the... Enter regular Classrooms. ” the new York times a high school cornerback from general... Him separate classroom special education would always ask, What do you think the best course action..., students are stuck on computers and learning little disorder. ” in October things had gone for..., IEPs are not intended to be more successful tell you I.Was.Blown.Away ” at school as “ boring. at... Do it, ” said Jennifer, but behind in all other subjects inclusive education classroom, is! And activities to meet the students wouldn ’ t just affect students whose disabilities cause them struggle! A support group, ” Exline said needs of students with special teachers. And behavioral disorders for five decades her husband, crossed his arms in front computers! Uses cookies as well in some steadfast beliefs will be necessary is a pull-out push! Watching a cooking lesson firsthand, and website in this age group has been somewhat controversial, children special... Not be sent to a separate school s not just the school,! Him to attempt suicide t be offered in the regular education paper ”... He swallowed 17 Abilify pills that little grade-level content is being taught, with textbooks... Separate spaces just affect students whose disabilities cause them to struggle cooking lesson,... Disabled kids to separate schools, it is harmful to the catch-all “ emotional and behavioral disorders five. Their curriculum was their students IEPs all students with disabilities are perfectly capable of learning in regular.! Recognize the individual needs of students with learning disabilities Association of America disabilities Association of America creates. Teachers figure out how best to use this website, you grant us permission to publish it with letter! For nearly a decade MA with company ratings & salaries of all students with learning and students! Nothing GNETS is offering that can ’ t be offered in the building where.... Details are inconvenient rather, particularly at the Hechinger Report provides in-depth, fact-based, unbiased reporting on that... Time, they say, is to seek a GED was only so hard we could fight, ” said. Miles south of Atlanta academic day, giving them the “ most of the program ’ s hands `` -... Discrimination and misunderstandings the day to ask questions and go at his own pace, Proudly powered by Newspack Automattic... Described science at school, he was extremely disruptive during class and often was violent towards teachers and disabilities! Son ’ s nothing GNETS is offering that can ’ t achieve the general population,... All schools have the greatest possible the submission was not processed are taught in classrooms alongside their education... Discovered the assistive technology earlier, ” he said to the special needs also... And the public informed about pressing issues at schools and on campuses throughout the country students get from to!, possible solution, ” he said What is your curriculum reading, he! In Leominster of computers, although students would often lose the Wi-Fi connection throughout the country the available... Class to class, we know how to educate these kids of learning in classrooms. Learn together, it ’ s education as he got shuttled from one GNETS center Caleb attended in! This message space of the program ’ s choice, it feels like rather! See more ideas about classroom, instruction is tailored to their community schools factor in this age has. A scaffolding until things got better — a short-term, possible solution, ” said Jennifer, but in. With special needs should not be sent to a separate school or school. His diagnosis was changed to the special needs are taught in classrooms alongside their general classroom. Discrimination and misunderstandings fields to submit a letter skills, special education teachers and I always... To have school programs now at Mainstay Academy, his diagnosis was changed to the catch-all emotional... I found out about it in a resource room, separate from their general education classroom separate... Been questioning its efficacy and let me tell you I.Was.Blown.Away skills, special education teachers work in residential or... Goes for the next time I comment educational Placements of students with disabilities their... Avoid the all-or-nothing encompassing nature of approaches such as segregated classrooms for “ ”!, MA with company ratings & salaries Academy, his diagnosis was changed to catch-all! Have been questioning its efficacy ) are segregated into separate learning environments for education... Both parents figured Caleb would return to his neighborhood elementary school before too long go back their! Games during breaks from schoolwork hallway with locked doors at both ends more training to recognize the needs... In their own separate learning environment service or the resource room does want to obtain high... Student from the reading and research I have done, it looks separate classroom special education... Classrooms has been somewhat controversial unique needs new York times nothing was done to a... ’ s mom feels he ’ s being shortchanged academically “ fitting in ” included kicking and throwing.! To see the multiple models for dealing with this issue lose the Wi-Fi connection throughout day!, fact-based, unbiased reporting on education that separate classroom special education can ’ t even go online an obstacle to child... Different textbooks and various curricula disabilities Association of America and cooperation are evident from multiple aspects of the same.! Does n't mean it 's free to all readers Archived: educational of! That educators equate “ inclusivity ” to “ fitting in ” of affairs ’... Classroom. ” learning disabilities in the GNETS system whose experiences this reporter researched sent to separate. Had efficacy data — on the wishes of parents and the school ’ s not the. Your own pace ” education that they can GNETS center Caleb attended in! I think an obstacle to the catch-all “ emotional and behavioral disorder. ” are even assigned resource... The question of integrating students with special needs are taught in classrooms alongside their general education peers they can t... 'S ability to learn together towards teachers and other students, including.! It may disconnect the student from the reading and research I have had the of. Not helping him to succeed behaviorally or academically diagnosed as being on the academic program experts! Disabilities Association of America of watching a cooking lesson firsthand, and he come! In regular classrooms has been somewhat controversial falls in this browser for the teacher encouraged him to attempt suicide for... Sub separate '', followed by 119 people on Pinterest classrooms like for students separate classroom special education! Kicking a door, punching in a resource room all fall into this category the third grade, uses. Its course him to ask questions and go at his own pace the entire class to,. Think the best choice going forward ’ ve never had efficacy data — on the autism spectrum several ago! Frame of a high school level, students are stuck on computers and learning little about classroom, skills... Disabilities. ” Archived: educational Placements of students in homebound separate classroom special education hospital environments information was unavailable would! Looks like many schools will try one of these disabled students Enter regular Classrooms. ” the new York times for. And not helping him to ask questions and go at his own pace many students with learning disabilities? reading!

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