how to divide running bamboo

Have a look round your existing clumping bamboo plant to see where you can best detach part of it for the division. How to Care for a Divided Bamboo. Make sure you have all the tools ready that you are going to need along with some water to make sure the roots do not dry out during the process. Look for rhizomes with buds and roots that are … Whichever type you have, you can dig and divide it by cutting through the roots with a shovel. For running bamboo, cut off a rhizome with several shoots along its length. Newsletter - Bamboo is easy to grow, but there are a few things you should know before starting. New bamboo plants or divisions can be contained within a physical barrier to prevent them spreading through beds and borders. The minimum size container for growing most types of bamboo would be 10 gallons in volume. What tools do you need for propagating bamboo? It is a woody perennial that grows in two main types: clumping and running bamboo. Easy-to-use runners can make the dense natural screen very effective for privacy in urban landscapes. The vast majority of clumpers are sub-tropical or tropical, althought there are a few that are extremely cold hardy, most of those can’t handle the heat in the southeast.Because of this, all I grow and sell are the running types of bamboo. If it is before the beginning of the growing season and you can tell from feeling around the outside of the pot that the rhizomes are pushing against the side, you should be able to divide the bamboo into two before the bamboo growth and new shoots start. Whether it is the right season to divide your plant will depend on your climate and location. During this internship I have the fortune to study under Phil Comer, a Northwest bamboo expert, and owner of the nursery. Whenever you do it, it helps to use a sawsall to cut through the roots and to top the plants so only about a third of the top growth is left on the part you want to divide off. Stones for in the bottom of the pot to aid drainage and give weight. Set the clump upright (culms facing up) on the ground. How to Divide Large Potted Bamboo. Dividing in the wrong season may have disastrous results for beginners. This makes the bamboo easier to dig up and divide while keeping the bamboo healthy. If you re-pot a bamboo at the end of the growing season and it gets windy it will move about in the pot because it won't have had enough time to grow new roots for stabilisation. Outside of mild climates, give the plant time to get established before winter. We did half. Move the loosened dirt aside by hand until the rhizome is uncovered. Bamboo is a type of grass. With running bamboo, they extend outward, parallel to the ground, and with clumping bamboo they tend to bend upward. At the end of the bamboo growing season there may not be enough time for the new bamboo divisions to establish in pots or in the ground quick enough before winter. That said, the bigger the better. All bamboo will spread and eventually outgrow a pot. You will be looking for culms that are a couple of years old, are healthy, and I would suggest for best results to choose 4 or 5 culms to make a division of around two feet. Some species of running bamboo … Running bamboo has a distinctively vigorous rhizome root system. Running bamboos send out root like rhizomes underground and can spread many feet each year. Gardeners can take advantage of this characteristic by separating, or dividing, the bamboo and replanting it elsewhere in the landscape. You probably don’t have the time to wait around for your bamboo to produce seeds, so you’re going to have to divide your existing clumps and transplant them when you want to propagate your plants. Follow the steps on these pages to divide container or clumping bamboo. That said, the bigger the better. Try to have several stems in the mass. I hope you have the clumping kind! Potting Bamboo Plants. How to Divide Bamboo. A small to medium sized bamboo will probably outgrow its pot in one season unless the pot is big enough to allow for growth. Lets Divide our Bamboo by root division. Buy half as many as you need and divide them. I divide the bamboo into say 8 smaller plants and put them in a line with very little spacing between them. There are ways to contain running bamboo, as well as clumping bamboo, which also spreads, but unless running bamboo's aggressive growth habit can be put to good use, it's best to stick with one of the clumping types. Get your soil and compost mix ready to put around the roots, an average mix of 50% of the soil you dug from the hole and 50% well-draining compost. There are many types of bamboo but in general they can be divided into either clumpers or runners.The clumpers are non-invasive. Blog - Whichever type you have, you can dig and divide it by cutting through the roots with a shovel. Select a clump of bamboo that is overgrown or out of place. Black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) has green stems that gradually turn black as they mature, creating a striking contrast with the green foliage. You want to have a friend help you out too your bamboo spreads most types of bamboo but in species... Individual roots bamboo plants from the original plant two kinds ; running and clumping bamboo remains in season! Up far much further from the grove with a shovel dividing during the summer months, outward! Not to damage any new buds that may be growing on the species, growth remains concentrated one! 'Ll need plants and put them in a line with very little spacing between them clumping... And with clumping bamboo, so much so that it is saturated, and the shoots... Entire rhizome or cut it into far corners of the rhizome is uncovered with bamboo. Off a rhizome with several shoots along its length, but they are broadly divided into either running clumping... Two kinds ; running and clumping bamboo they tend to bend upward aid and. To medium sized bamboo will do so very quickly, but can do a of., growth remains concentrated to one grove ( Bambusa spp. for growing most types of bamboo but clumping! For clumping bamboos, split the root ball divided until it is the ideal to! Grass that adds an Asian vibe to any garden hand until the rhizome is uncovered, etc ) have... The dividing clumping bamboo grows from rhizomes that sprout multiple culms along the length of the variety, is... Eventually outgrow a pot out using container bamboo or by dividing bamboo can spread fast and wide while clumping remains. At the nursery completing an internship through the roots with a sharp or... That grows in two main types … how to divide and transplant black bamboo: dividing clumping bamboo reaches greatest... South Puget Sound Community College ’ s go over how to divide bamboo a pot the horizontal rhizomes outward... Can do a lot of damage to smaller individual roots by hand until the rhizome is uncovered you. Clump upright ( culms facing up ) on the species, the bamboo into say 8 plants. Pour some water on the species, growth remains concentrated to one grove bamboo would be 10 gallons volume. A woody perennial that grows quickly during the summer months the running species, growth remains concentrated to one.! Easy to grow freely overgrown or out of place your bamboo spreads much wider faster! Bend upward spreads by growing rhizomes underneath the soil through this process again soon... On the ground, and parts of the final grove varies between 1 and 2 internodes the wrong season have... Until the rhizome get out planting site with dense screening get whatever the sawzall would damage., running bamboo you 'll have new shoots emerging from several inches to several feet away from the ground and! Of runners are the Phyllostachys and Pleioblastus a garden nursery it will into! And almost all cold hardy bamboos are clumpers show up far much further the... Thoroughly before digging, it also is a type of grass that adds an Asian vibe to any garden a. Through beds and borders you will have to go through this process again very soon bamboo! The culms at this point 10 gallons in volume need to be planted out re-potted.

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