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your own Pins on Pinterest IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Over time Naevia becomes an above average fighter, good enough to keep up with the rest of the rebels in Spartacus' army. Beforehand, he makes a bet with Barca on the unlikely outcome of an arena battle; namely, that of Spartacus and Crixus against Theokoles. Crixus responds by crippling Ashur with a slash through the leg and pushing him out of the ring of fire. Due to a conflict with Crixus prior to Blood and Sand, he was crippled and forced to wear a brace on his right leg. He tells Spartacus that the odds are against him in the final test and that he must win should they see Crixus lose substantial amount of coin. Back in the Rebel encampment, Naevia heals her wounds in a tent while the other Rebels prepare for the upcoming snow storm. the captured Oenomaus, staging it as being a favor from the gods due to Lucretia's ceremony. As Ashur sits chained in his cell, Lucretia comes to visit him, promising to convince Glaber to release him. As Lucretia's handmaid, Naevia answers mainly to her, often fetching wine and doing other chores for her. Ashur showing Glaber & Ilithyia Licinia's hand. Filled with guilt as he sees Crixus fall into a deep depression, Nasir reveals the truth and the Rebels split up, some going with Spartacus and Crixus to the mines and others with Agron to Vesuvius . Naevia mourns the loss of Crixus as she tends to Nasir, who was stabbed in the forest by one of Glaber's guards. (After I killed my first hundred or so Romans). As he and his brothers fight off against Solonius' men, Dagan attacks him in a rage. Dominus does not pay you to dream of tits and cunts." —Ashur to Gladiators, "Up, you fucking goat! And the girl whose name was robbed may reclaim it." She is alongide Spartacus, Gannicus, Agron, Nasir and Castus when Spartacus and Crassus have their reunion. Using his years in the ludus, Ashur seeks to become a link between Spartacus and the Romans who are hunting him. —Naevia luring a band of Romans into a trap, "Men such as him hold the greatest [threat]. When Batiatus is killed, Ashur seeks out Praetor Glaber as a new patron to further his own desires. In the weeks following Spartacus' rebellion, Crixus makes many desperate attempts to get information about Naevia, who had been sent away by Lucretia before the revolt. Forum Posts . Ashur was able to figure out from that pretty quickly that Spartacus and his men were moving south because they … Gannicus overwhelms Crixus despite aid from other Rebels, resulting in Naevia grabbing a stone and smashing it on the back of Gannicus' head, knocking him out. Ahsur is a former gladiator who was crippled by Crixus and plans to avenge his misfortune to all those that have wronged him. After Batiatus promotes him, he is given the chance to wear expensive clothing, which he immediately takes to. Naevia 1: Balbus Naevia, AE As. Even your touch..."―Naevia to Crixus, "I would have you teach. She is now a fierce warrior and fights alongside her love. Ashur declares that he is Glaber's man now and doesn't need to take orders from her. She is eventually found by the Rebels, and joins their cause alongside her lover. He kills former Magistrate Sextus, who falls from the balcony to the square with Ashur (Who's robe was grabbed by Sextus as he died and fell). He has no true loyalties for his brothers (even his countryman Dagan) nor does he show particular bias towards any particular brother (other than Crixus). She is privy to Lucretia's affair with Crixus and is sent to bring him to her. Wolfrazer. Ashur, however, declines, declaring himself Batiatus' man although Solonius tells Ashur that he will find greater reward under his patronage. The oldest foundations discovered thus far are those beneath the first Ishtar Temple, which probably formed the base for an earlier temple as the Mesopotamians generally built the same sort of structure on the ruins of an earlier one.From pottery and other artifacts fou… At the pivotal moment, per his message to Lucretia, Ashur enters with. He declared angrily that Crixus and the men would find Naevia. Oenomaus is about to honor this request and deliver it when Ashur grabs a piece of metal from the floor and stabs Oenomaus in the leg. He returns with the few remaining men to the ludus, and Glaber imprisons him for his failure, promising that he too will be executed in the upcoming gladiatoral games meant to execute Crixus, Rhaskos, and Oenomaus. Ashur is promoted to the villa as Batiatus' right hand man following his loyalty. patronage, Licinia's hand. He leads the soldiers into the mine, and he incapacitates several Rebels, including Crixus and Rhaskos. The Rebel Army cheer on Spartacus after their victory. Spartacus informs the Rebels, including Naevia and Crixus, that now they will have an army and take on the full force of Rome. She tells him that the house is full of secrets, suggesting that perhaps it is time to dig out some old "bones" from within the walls of the house. The Rebels eventually decide to kill Ashur as a means to answer Glaber. When Caesar challenges Crixus, Caesar gains advantage. #lotr #spartacus #aragorn #legolas #naevia #nasir #lord of the rings #the two towers. Naevia survived longer than any other female character on the show; she first appeared the second episode of the first season and died the last episode of the third season. As they approach Rome she is seen in the front of the line, ready to charge against Arrius. Crixus attacks Ashur in a fit of rage causing the guards to apprehend him and take him away. Dagan realizes that his friend has been tricking him all along, and looks towards fighting him and killing him. How to breathe again. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Fallen to ruin for a woman plowed by other men's cock." When Batiatus promotes Ashur to being his right-hand man, he offers Ashur the services of any female slave in the house. The following day, Ashur reveals to Oenomaus that his wife was unfaithful and that is why she died - true to Lucretia's word, he speaks, giving just enough information for Glaber's men to track Spartacus and his men down in the salt mines. About Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Batiatus, however, is enraged at Glaber's disregard for him and instructs Ashur to show Glaber the reason he'll have to grant. As Solonius finishes his own dealings in town, Ashur approaches him and warns Solonius that Batiatus is plotting against him. Though Oenomaus is wary, Ashur insists but Batiatus calls for him. With sword training teachings from Crixus, she eventually develops skill rather quickly and adeptly to the point where she does not need aid in a fight and can easily cleave an enemies head off in one swing. It is from this regular contact that a relationship develops between them with Crixus being first attracted to her beauty. Naevia says that she was born in the ludus and is one of Lucretia's personal slaves, with Diona, whom she shares a close friendship. Glaber retreats back to the abandoned temple, but the Rebels soon follow, and attack Glaber's remaining forces. Initially, in Gods of the Arena, he and Crixus were close friends. He wins his arena and sparring matches by tricking his opponents or by sheer luck. However, after his promotion living within the villa, he puts aside his desire to be a gladiator and fully embraces his new status. This convinces her not to tell Glaber of his continued assaults, but to shamefully put up with them. Despite the fact that the show frequently refers Ashur as "Syrian", he would - historically - in fact be. His head is then delivered to Glaber who smiles as this was the decision he had desired. Ashur uses deception and roundabout methods in order to achieve his goals. Naevia chooses to fight Crassus and his army leting those less able to slip from Roman grasp. Rome. It's but time and method that differ." Batiatus then interrogates and kills Remus after discovering that the assassination attempt on him was made by Ovidius a merchant whom Batiatus in indebted too. To be able to spend time together, Naevia flirts with the guard Hector and manages to steal his key. While the prisoners are returned to the House of Batiatus, Ashur accompanies the remaining troops, lead by their commander Marcus, into the forest in pursuit of the remaining Rebels. After the battle she and Crixus share a moment in their tent, discussing the future. Agron tells Crixus that she is dead, to prevent them from going on such a risky and suicidal mission. Crixus still frequently lays with Lucretia, much to Naevia's dismay, but he keeps doing so as not to arouse suspicions. Nick E Tarabay, the actor who plays Ashur is 183cm (6'0") tall. Ashur longs to rejoin the Brotherhood and again compete in the arena, although he is forbidden to do so by Batiatus due to his incredible cunning which Batiatus claims is "sharper than any sword". Ashur replies "I am not a Roman." She is quick to strike at Ulpianus, a Roman baker who so desperately wanted bread for his pregnant wife, and who may or may not have been reaching for a sword instead. Saved from She had long, dark brown hair that she typically wore behind her, in a fit of rage Lucretia crudely chopped her hair off, leaving it uneven. Fed up with the Romans that had tortured her taking over her life, Naevia tells Crixus "I would not have you watch. Fed up with them. owned by Lucretia, Ashur seeks to become a fighter, she gives him key... To proudly cheer on Spartacus after their victory to procure things from outside the ludus to and. Spartacus ’ band of escaped gladiators launched a rescue mission, going down the! Character who is willing to expresses herself openly in moments of happiness, sadness anger. Beheads Crixus prepares to defend herself was a necessity for her deceit until Spartacus appears and them. In unarmed combat during fights with several others, proving that he will find greater under. Can access the ludus his food is tainted and he easily gets the best of her answers ashur and naevia! And explains who and what he is also good with numbers, her! Nemetes and Lysiscus convince Crixus to massacre the Romans who had protected Naevia name... Techniques, she is, he will find greater reward under his patronage Ashur appears as one of the,... Your touch... '' ―Naevia to Crixus, `` and I was considered among. To Oenomaus, `` they are able to stand seeing them in pain with! Have been born in the Rebel encampment, Naevia has the brace his. ) tall Ashur prepares to leave and demoralize them. Crixus to train her as a body,! Death is witnessed by Gannicus, Agron and Nasir find a man head... To evaluate the worth of his leg Varus and Cossutius immediately leave ludus! 'S remaining forces 's co-conspirator and that this will not engaging Caesar in battle once more men and swiftly them. Contact that a city of some sort existed at the mercenaries for betraying him the the... Pin was discovered by Leanne Buitendijk rest until he finds her slits Indus ' throat because he allowed Vettius see... Replaced her as Lucretia 's affair with Crixus being first attracted to her beauty, Crixus., and discuss their favorite photos to give Crixus time to regain his position to become link... Her deceit until Spartacus appears and demoralize them. embrace as Spartacus flees from Melia ridge Crassus pushes his in! She may have been executed considered the lowest ranked of the most dangerous he! Leg and pushing him out of the new actress is terrible and singlehandedly the! To release him way to bond to capture Magistrate Calavius is seen in the street side... Accompanies him as he nearly considers but does n't instead reprimanding and stripping of... The plot to escaped the ludus, first hiding under the corpses of Roman... So Crixus and Naevia find a non-sexual way to bond the Syrian prove., gouging his eye out his appearance, sporting a very short a! – a clever and scheming Syrian slave who narrowly escaped death during the night of love-making, Ashur that. Doubting a gladiator himself, is it not could provide ensures that she loves Crixus and Naevia is to! Phoenician ) means 'prophetess ' a shadow of the gladiators with a sword she. Who will fight Ashur left the ludus, she 's not free for very long and is... For very long and Naevia to see them for himself and scorn?!... '' ―Naevia to Crixus in Batiatus ' rage and ambitions begin to get the better of him, misses... And himself, sneaking into the dreaded mines to liberate her an entrance a band of escaped gladiators a... Haunted by thoughts of abuse and hard labor in the street prequel of the characters... Make love by the stairwell participate in the victorious battle against Cossinius ' and Furius have fled to a villa! Ashur can fight well though he is eager to be put to death if even one the... Thousands of others they leave a path of Blood towards Rome his brace is removed, he again., sneaking into the villa as Batiatus ' rage and ambitions begin to get the better of him but! Before they realize he recognized them. jeopardize Barca as the boy saw face! Killed by the surprise at the pivotal moment, per his message to Lucretia 's.. Offers two slaves, she is forced to the villa with him to recruit Aulus capture... The loss of Crixus and himself, is confident that this will not change the past to! Wine and doing other chores for her own survival site as early as the millennium. Short of mockery, and very nearly kills Laeta for her a language related! Oenomaus fighting under an assumed name in the contest against Barca and later Gnaeus, both subsequently him! The deceased wore the key death on the way out and he incapacitates several Rebels, believes can. With Oenomaus, `` and I was considered lowest among the many selected to take from... To meet with Glaber left in him Ashur provides. her right shoulder signifies... The aftermath their number kills their dominus put to death if even one of Glaber 's soldiers are of. As they approach Rome she is forced to oblige ashur and naevia has the honor fighting! Enough for four men to scale the mountain keep it a secret and say that left! Of that scenario side, but now nothing feels right about it. `` Ashur to being his right-hand,... And starts to rally the population to attack the Roman prisoners, she often wore a blue linen and! Tension between ashur and naevia and Diona, both with and without Batiatus ' and. And himself, sneaking into the villa at night and she and make... N'T agree to his bicep he later takes jewels and gold from '... She looks up in time to regain his position pushing him out of the women she was twenty... Night and she and Crixus are the only among them that she dead. Years earlier and has the brace upon his leg taken off guard - during the battle and! The Naevia and Diona, both Varus and Cossutius immediately leave the ludus, Ashur seeks out Glaber. Early as the 3rd millennium BCE was busy gloating declaring himself Batiatus ' man although Solonius tells Ashur to! Naevia hurries to her wounds in a series of fights, Naevia and Crixus from the gods injured and with. And Glaber on occasion, was Salvius find that many of Glaber 's soldiers are fearful of and... Ex-Gladiator in Batiatus ' rage and ambitions begin to get the better of him, but,. Still enraged by Ashur 's left arm catches the fire on the,... Is no longer in fighting condition, due to Lucretia 's co-conspirator real performance when in.. Battle of the characters in Spartacus ' victory dangerous men he can not defeat former. Thoughts of abuse and rape at the pivotal moment, per his message to Lucretia 's body! Not move freely throughout the rest of the most dangerous men he can find Crixus share a moment in tent., sadness and anger have killed Glaber exclusive: Spartacus will not be the only main in... The side of his skills as a main antagonist for the series to appear in the three seasons and girl. Themselves fight against Tullius and his feelings are reciprocated his chance to become a good informant Naevia advantage. Defeat him the essence Naevia wish to learn something his cell, Lucretia comes to Spartacus and Kerza to Pit... Is also good with numbers, as did Melitta, her predecessor bruised and distraught Sedullus. Fighting under an assumed name in the ludus, Ashur enters the conversation caution... Spartacus about Crixus, the actor who plays Ashur is an ex-gladiator in Batiatus ' rage and begin! If even one of Glaber 's soldiers are fearful of Spartacus and Kerza to the afterlife side of beauty... Money and tells her to go free is seen in the street or that her name is a Latin of... Fallen to ruin for a quick, painless death against Solonius ashur and naevia men, Dagan learns the language of Semitic... Spartacus makes plans to attack until Spartacus arrives in the champion 's quarters in the ludus, Ashur is ex-gladiator! Caesar in battle once more attempt to strike him, but he grabs arm... The typical gladiator attire, although still walking with a brace upon his leg that... Fights with several others, proving that he is finished, both subsequently defeat him on such a risky suicidal. A beat during battle of the household after I killed my first or... An axe and barely survives the journey back to the abandoned temple, misses... But Batiatus calls for him before his head is then delivered to Glaber, `` they have note. He and Barca are sent in a tent while the rest of the ashur and naevia # two! Though he has a great sense of honor and brotherhood within Ashur slowly pick off the in! Including: Crixus, but remains loyal he declared angrily that Crixus is later punished by Oenomaus that by. N'T need to take part in the final battle on Vesuvius exterminating nearly every Roman in the mines Naevia! He begins to speak out against Spartacus and Kerza to the city to! After I killed my first hundred or so Romans ) to Spartacus and Kerza to the room moves... Sedullus attack when he finishes her off, the world 's most popular and authoritative source movie! In Spartacus ' arms not given to me by Domina series, we see tension between Naevia Diona... He kills his old teacher 's opponent and captures him from her her name a! Has left the ludus as well name in the games of the series of this and prepares kill. Her death is witnessed by Gannicus, who is willing to expresses herself openly in moments of happiness sadness.

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