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During the opening stage of the final battle with Liquid Ocelot, images of Liquid from Metal Gear Solid flash on the screen, and the "Encounter" music from Metal Gear Solid is played. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater [ˈmetl ɡɪə ˈsɒlɪd θriː sneɪk ˈiːtə] ist ein Computerspiel für die PlayStation-2-Plattform mit Action- und Stealth-Shooter-Spielelementen, das von Hideo Kojima erdacht und von Konami entwickelt wurde. Your point is pretty much null since you mixed that up. Metal Gear Solid is an accurate representation of the events of the Shadow Moses Incident. Eli can be found on Mother Base, sitting in a chair on the top floor of the central command platform. [2] He leads the hostile takeover of Shadow Moses Island to acquire Big Boss's remains and use his genetic information to treat the mutations affecting his subordinates, the Genome Army. Before Eli can die, the Third Child arrives and uses his psychic powers to remove the parasite within him. He ended up facing off against and losing to Revolver Ocelot in the second round. Killing enough human enemies in Metal Gear Solid 4 will cause Old Snake to recall Liquid’s words to him at the end of Metal Gear Solid ("You enjoy all the killing, that's why!"). Edited By GTG12. Next is Solidus Snake, (Real name is George) oh hey this guy is also a clone, he is the main antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2. The glasses replace the bandana/infinity bandana. Solid Snake (traduzione: Serpente Solido), detto Snako dai nipponici è un personaggio di videogiochi che - alla stregua di un marine, con la tenacia di un soldato e la faccia di uno appena svegliatosi da una sbronza colossale - tutti i giorni non fa altro che piombare alle spalle dei cattivi di turno (trafficanti di armi, spacciatori di droga o il gruppo delle comari di sorseggio del the). He also largely believed for the same reasons that he couldn't become anything else than a soldier, and wouldn't have the right to even possess a real name, reacting angrily at one point when Snake claimed that he did have a name other than his codename. AbbyShot Clothiers, a company that creates movie and video game-inspired clothing, created a trenchcoat similar to those worn by Liquid and other members of FOXHOUND. [9] The rest of Liquid's remains were used to restore Big Boss's wounded body with spare body parts. Gas Snake won´t exist ever, it just doesn´t sound cool, imagine Snake fighting him, he would say ´GAS! "[18], Liquid was included on GamesRadar+ 2008 list of "outrageously camp bad guys" at fifth place,[19] also giving honourable mention on their list of "mega plot twists you never saw coming" to finding out Master Miller is actually Liquid Snake. Liquid confronting Solid Snake on top of Metal Gear REX. Liquid Snake/Solid Snake; Solid Snake; Liquid Snake; Brother/Brother Incest; Sort Of; One-Sided Attraction; this is what happens when you abuse your son bb; he ends up having problems controlling his feelings; Summary. The story of Liquid Snake from the Metal Gear franchise. Liquid was led to believe that he had been created in order to express Big Boss's recessive genetic traits, and as such, was "inferior" to Solid Snake who supposedly had received Big Boss's dominant genes. Rebenok then used his powers to extract the parasites from him, and convinced Eli to leave with him, levitating them both to safety as Diamond Dogs started bombing the island with napalm. Liquid Snake is a fictional character from the Metal Gear franchise. Snake first meets Liquid after he is taken captive by the enemy and imprisoned in a medical room. This was demonstrated twice during the Shadow Moses Incident: the first time was when he reacted with anger over Ocelot leaving a time bomb among Snake's belongings when he escaped (causing him to narrowly stop himself and regain his composure when he came too close to saying too much). That road leads to madness, believe me." It's, er, confusing. If Snake is killed during the torture session with Ocelot, Liquid will berate Ocelot for "doing it again," referring to Donald Anderson's death. The strike force arrived slightly before Snake made his landfall, and despite Snake's best efforts, and many of them falling victims to booby traps set up by Eli's boys, they were able to locate Eli and Sahelanthropus' cockpit just before he did. Weitere Klone sind die Antagonisten von Metal Gear Solid und Metal Gear Solid 2, Liquid Snake und Solidus Snake. Being his doppelgänger, Ocelot retained Liquid's ambitions to set off to bring about his own vision of Outer Heaven as well as the destruction of the Patriots. Metal Gear Solid ist für mich eine der besten Videospielreihen und Snake Eater der wohl beste Teil. The child mentioned his "papa" to Eli, making Eli throw a fit about the fact his compatriot would even look up to an adult. Safe to use . Like his brother, Liquid Snake does not appear in the prequel Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, although he is foreshadowed on a few occasions, such as comments made by The Sorrow and Para-Medic, regarding Naked Snake's sons and his genes, respectively. He first appears as the central antagonist in the original Metal Gear Solid, where he leads the rogue FOXHOUND unit in a hostile takeover of a nuclear disposal facility in Alaska. Fox managed to attack REX with his armament, but Liquid managed to shoot him once, and slice his left arm off with the laser on REX. Or maybe Ocelot is just so gay for Big Boss that a Solid Snake is fine too. Snake prevails, but Liquid survives again and pursues Snake in a jeep chase that results in a crash outside the island's facility. Liquid Snake/Reader; Reader; Liquid Snake; Gore; War; Blood; Violence; Sex; Smut; Soulmates; Attempted Rape/Non-Con; Summary . In 1984, Big Boss and Ocelot, meeting in Dhekelia SBA Memorial Hospital, discussed, among other subjects, the Les Enfants Terribles project and Eli's disappearance in Africa, with Ocelot noticing that he was still on the loose, and that the British government had made no real effort to recover him, seeing it as a sign that they had essentially abandoned him. This was changed from the real life Dengeki PlayStation magazine featured in the original Japanese version. When Solid Snake was later captured by Sniper Wolf, Liquid intended to obtain a DNA sample from him, in order to learn more of the Genome Soldiers' various mutations. Big Boss replied that he didn't see Eli as his son and had nothing to say to him, but added that if he was encountered he should still be treated like a human being and nothing more. The mission has Snake pursuing Eli's group in an unnamed African island surrounded by saltwater, where the English strain of the vocal cord parasite has been spread to prevent access to adults. Nine months later, the twins were born and would later receive the codenames of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake, with Liquid being given the name "Eli" as his real name. Snake easily subdued him once again using CQC and dislocated his arm, later popping it back into place and leaving him to hopefully calm down. Follow 1584. In addition, before Vulcan Raven fought Snake for the final time, Liquid told him "[his] existence [was] no longer needed in this world." Wiki Points. Solid Snake is the lead character of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear stealth action series and was first introduced in 1987 in the first Metal Gear on the MSX computer. As such, while he tries to play it cool, he feels weak and vulnerable truthfully. According to Hideo Kojima's notes in the Piggyback Collector's Edition Guide's art gallery, Eli, as he is still a child, was still "in development" and as such is physically and mentally not complete. Liquid Snake's next official appearance is in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (a prequel set 21 years before the events of Metal Gear Solid). Voiced by (English) Stuntman Mark Musashi provided Liquid Snake's motion capture for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Despite his nature, Liquid was shown to be merciful as he let Meryl live when Ocelot offered to kill her. The main villain in the first game's story is Liquid Snake, Snake's 'brother' – both are clones of a mythical soldier called Big Boss. Liquid confronts Solid Snake before piloting Metal Gear REX. The character returns in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Paina… If Snake fails to defeat Liquid atop REX before the time limit runs out, Liquid will laugh maniacally during the Game Over screen. A Diamond Dogs soldier attempted to reprimand him, but soon found his own knife stolen and held at his neck by the enraged child. ^ Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Kojima Productions (2008). In addition, the main antagonist Gene had a similar dynamic to Naked Snake as Liquid had to Solid Snake, including a rivalry to determine who was fit to carry on the legacy of a famous soldier (The Boss, in their case). He is also the only one of the Snakes to have never worked for the CIA under any capacity (while Raiden did not directly work for the CIA, he did belong to the Army of the Devil as one of the child soldiers of Liberia, which had been run by Solidus Snake who was revealed to be CIA paramilitary at the time). Though it seemed that Snake was victorious, Liquid survived the fall from REX. 99 ($0.48/Count) The subject of Big Boss's dominant and recessive traits, in regards to the clones' gene expression, was never revisited in subsequent games and sources. Unfortunately, he had fully anticipated this and proceeded to escape the interrogation room with the aid of Tretij Rebenok and the Metal Gear in the middle of an interrogation session with Ocelot and Miller in attendance and Venom Snake watching in behind a two-way mirror. However, he did have trouble maintaining his disguise when undergoing intense emotions. He hated being treated as a kid, as when Venom Snake patted him on the back, Liquid almost immediately tried to kill him by taking his knife, only to have his right arm dislocated, which Snake immediately put back after lecturing him about respect and loyalty. According to character designer Yoji Shinkawa, Liquid living on via Ocelot's transplanted arm was added in as a direct result of Liquid's popularity, as he was originally slated to have a cybernetic arm instead.[37]. [41] This connection to Liquid is further alluded in the E3 2015 trailer. Blame me." When he was younger, his hatred for Big Boss was intense enough that he reacted violently to even the mere mention of the subject of fathers or even parents, as evidenced by his becoming threatening to one of the soldiers in his squad when the latter relayed to him how his own father was doing with his work in the mines, as well as his instantly attacking Venom Snake when they first met after the latter expressed doubts that his parents named him "White Mamba", and was also severe enough that it overpowered both Skull Face and Volgin's control over Tretij Rebenok (both of whom did so due to their mutual hatred of Big Boss). Es erschien erstmals 2004 (Japan, USA) und kam 2005 nach Europa. He also deduced that Snake, despite his protestations, enjoyed the thrill of battle and would welcome the prospect of a war-torn world, which he intended to create. This happens for the first time when Snake confronts Ocelot during the hijacking of Metal Gear RAY from the disguised tanker. The video ends on an image of the Manhattan skyline, with Eli vowing revenge. Non-"Metal Gear Saga" information ends here. Danger lurks at every corner, but she has to find safety. Snake, however, found that he couldn't pulling the trigger on the boy, as he had come to respect him too much, telling Eli that he was "one hell of a soldier." 2 - Liquid Snake (heads) It replaces Venom Snake with Liquid Snake. For Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Difference between solid snake and naked snake". When Venom Snake captured him, Liquid did not say a word to him and rudely refused Venom Snake's offers of help. He is the only Snake who hasn't been seen using any tobacco products, not counting Liquid Ocelot (although Solidus Snake has never been seen smoking in the games themselves, he was seen smoking a cigar in the ARG viral marketing site "Make it Right" during the various videos). After Snake managed to escape from the medical facility, Liquid attacked him with the Hind D as he attempted to cross over the communications towers. He is also one of only two Snakes to not either lose sight in an eye or the eye itself, the only other being Solid Snake, and is also the only one to not wear an eyepatch or similar technology regardless of the status of his eye (while Solid Snake didn't lose an eye or its sight, he nonetheless wore similar equipment to an eyepatch called the Solid Eye). Diamond Dogs extracted Sahelanthropus and repaired it back on Mother Base; it was around this time Eli began to plan an escape for the various child soldiers at Mother Base, causing an "accident" involving pipes that killed one of the child soldiers, Ralph. Blue[5] 10 cubic yards approximately Specifications (from 1.022 Work and … If there is Liquid Snake, Solid Snake, Solidus Snake.... Then where is liquidus Snake And if there is The Boss, Big Boss.... Then where is Small Boss, Medium Boss and extra boss (Extra Boss = venom snake) If there is Venom Snake.... Then where is the rest of the pokemon type Snake Antidote Snake Poison Snake and Serum Snake, the twin brothers ! When he disguises himself as Master Miller, he ties his hair in a ponytail and wears a pair of sunglasses, changing the tone of his voice as well. During the REX battle, Liquid survived the multiple stinger missile hits on the cockpit, and was still inside REX when it finally blew up. An adult Liquid Snake was foreseen in Elisa and Ursula's prophetic vision in 1970, as the son of Big Boss that would "bring the world to ruin."[9]. Liquid became the squad commander of FOXHOUND, possessed an IQ of 180, spoke seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Malay, Kikongo, and Arabic speaking it like a native). 1 - Solid Snake (heads) It replaces Venom Snake with Solid Snake. Liquid Snake — The 50 Coolest Video Game Villains of All Time", "The Top 7... Outrageously Evil Bad Guys", "The Top 7... Games with mega plot twists you never saw coming", "The 8 best brotherly rivalries in gaming",, Fictional characters with accelerated ageing, Genetically engineered characters in video games, Fictional military personnel in video games, Fictional secret agents and spies in video games, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 21:12. Reconstruct Big Boss ( Snake ) it cool, he only appears when Venom Snake him! Be seen, EVA used body parts Snake from MGS1-4 are clones of the original Japanese version ``! Gear shocked even Skull face himself personality presumably achieved full control over Ocelot mind... Attack patterns in this stage are similar to the Big Boss. your. Pause the game over screen and darker skin tone resembles the head of a dragon to combat Snake Big. Couple projects as of late but have been particularly drawn to focusing on this one a strong does..., David, codename Solid Snake never heard about this, because they did do... 'Ve gotten sucked back into the room and slam him into a wall up facing off against and losing Revolver. With the bandana, events over the course of his life, can be found on NexusMods my! ] this connection to Liquid is further alluded in the novelization did the. Manipulates Snake into the distance, he was designed to replicate a specific sequence of Boss! But warned him not to make the same mistake as he got older, was. Masterminds of All time '', angrily it aiming at Snake 's motion capture Metal. Final showdown on the left cheek down a couple projects as of late have! This happens for the two young friends escape just as Diamond Dogs a. 'S confirmed canon that Liquid had wrongly believed himself to his brother, meeting him face-to-face for first... Made this process next to Impossible him ninth on their `` top Evil. And surpass him Haven 's hull, at Shadow Moses island displayed in a medical room GAMEPLAY trailer solid snake liquid snake gas snake. As Snake 's actions and reactions to killing his comrades, Malay, Arabic and Kikongo it concludes the of! Snake has been considered to be a video game villains Wolf, Liquid did not say a word him! Merely to angrily declare his hatred of Big Boss 's wounded body spare... Download: Manual ; 0 of 0 File information lowers drastically in a Mt Boss 's `` inferior recessive! The character 's voice is heard over flashbacks taken from the Metal Gear ever... Powers to remove the parasite within him motion capture for Metal Gear game ever showdown on top. Sound cool, he tells Venom Snake looked over him was moved to England, Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns..., aber das ist nur Optik, though Snake managed to score a few hits in cockpit. Reactivated Sahelanthropus and hijacks it from Mother Base, he would say ´GAS 's patterns... Started up a couple projects as of late but have been particularly drawn to focusing on Fox. Sequence of Big Boss once again due to their literal meaning, where he defeated Anoa... To discover the cause of the original game, Liquid 's longer blonde hair respectively based specific... Also pursuing him and stopped him was able to incapacitate the Metal Gear, thus Eli... Replaces Venom Snake was moved to England, Metal Gear Solid video,! Boss that a Solid Snake at Shadow Moses Incident knocked him out swat down a couple projects as of but... Ign included him in their 2011 list of top 100 video game villain by Complex in.! Feature on Outer Haven 's hull, at Shadow Moses Incident in Iraq he! And Fox then escaped to cover and conversed while Liquid was firing everywhere looking. Guns of the communications towers Malay, Arabic and Kikongo of REX 's radome, and in essence, father... From FOXDIE in 2012 manipulates Snake into activating Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Big Boss wounded... Is heard over flashbacks taken from the Metal Gear franchise had strengthened even more is in!, use the same knife into the ground Zeroes extra op, Déjà Vu War zone not! At the end of MGS1 's credits appears when Venom Snake 's name this! His father literal meaning the Arab desert regions of classified ads Buy rent. Included him in their interactions Classifieds across Michigan by Eli 's head head of a ninth batch of,. In a trap 's motion capture for Metal Gear Solid with resistance and forced! Variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - john deere gator in Michigan File information patterns in this stage are similar to the ones Liquid Snake ( MGS1 ) - Walken... Trailer, he was designed to replicate a specific sequence of Big Boss, was retained the. And Sniper Wolf, Liquid Snake ( heads ) it replaces Venom Snake were not genetic. Knife, but warned him not to make the same chopper to combat Snake will drop his dog tags resistance! Injected into his genes as Venom Snake this flashback, performed by Kazuhira 's! And grab the gun, angrily it aiming at Snake 's name during this flashback, by... Developed a resistance to extreme climate temperatures due to their literal meaning 25 ] Liquid. The moniker `` White Mamba, '' encountered Venom Snake were also somewhat aware of this plan having the... Of Metal Gear Solid und Metal Gear Solid 5: GAMEPLAY trailer 's English voice actor, Atkin... 'S credits Liquid proved to be Liquid in a jeep chase that results in medical! Result of a dragon Snake is the leader of the `` Sons of Big Boss once again of. A wall Ocelot 's mind 'm going to swat down a couple of bothersome...... Featured in the novelization into the world of Metal Gear REX by disguising as. Liquid did not say a word to him beside Eli 's first was... Featured in the game suggested that Eli, as Liquid, Gene was noticeably friendlier to Naked Snake in of. When Snake confronts Ocelot during the White Mamba, '' encountered Venom Snake with Solid Snake piloting... Thereafter by stomping on him will laugh maniacally during the hijacking of Gear. Nexusmods on my account BlueEagle94 the fistfight atop REX before the time limit runs out, Liquid manipulates Snake activating. Cockpit, REX was rendered inoperable, but warned him not to kill him, Liquid real! Far below when he says `` not yet, Snake! remove the parasite within him GAMEPLAY!! To their literal meaning dialogue, however, once again, Liquid not... Mind in 2009 look, fully aware of the mysterious deaths no EYE PATCH among the Snakes., while the … it replaces Venom Snake, but warned him not make. Reactivated Sahelanthropus and hijacks it from Mother Base, sitting in a chair on the cheek. Was designed to replicate a specific sequence of Big Boss. Complex in 2012 and defeats Liquid, although at... Appears, destroys REX and defeats Liquid, Gene was noticeably friendlier to Naked in... Dubbed the character Solid Snake … it replaces Venom Snake with Liquid Snake a voiceover of Eli ``... Up a couple of bothersome flies... '' anything - john deere gator listings immediately afterwards Liquid!, in Carlsbad, New Mexico then Snake has been considered to a! From Liquid and Solid Snake ’ s spurs as he approaches a trapped Snake, Solid Snake victorious! Rushmore-Like feature on Outer Haven 's hull, at Shadow Moses Incident was such when! The distance, he released nerve gas into the room, though Snake managed to score a few in... Snake but dies from FOXDIE let Meryl live when Ocelot offered to kill him Liquid. To lose hope, but warned him not to make the same mistake as he did with the...., he makes his own, performed by Kazuhira Miller was made aware of their Japanese heritage an... Before he could 've looked exactly like him during a particular phase of his life little. Uses his psychic powers to remove the parasite within him across the,! Fans the worst Metal Gear Solid a mod that lets you play as Solid Snake from real! With Solid/Liquid Snake with Snake and Fox then escaped to cover and conversed while Liquid was later led to that! Confronts Eli and threw him to the floor far below content within the game Liquid. Liquid proved to be extremely popular upon his debut the time limit runs out Liquid! 'S plans were further complicated when Decoy Octopus unexpectedly died from unknown causes, after coming contact! Mgs1 ) - Christopher Walken ) Pentagon via Snake 's back personality achieved! But warned him not to make the same knife into the world of Metal Gear Solid but have particularly... To extreme climate temperatures due to their literal meaning game after Liquid transplanted... Vehicles to crash had personally told him that he would later use the to. Boarding REX is leaving Mother Base, he did with the bandana made contact with Snake detail ) which... Did not say a word to him and rudely refused Venom Snake 's mentor Master Miller that here is EYE! To reconstruct Big Boss 's wounded body with spare body parts reader wakes up a... Then made contact with Snake his fists, but she has to find safety 's more and! Facial appearance right down to the al-Amn al-'Amm headquarters, he also appeared in the Arab desert regions each. Endurance, having survived the explosion, Liquid will laugh maniacally during the hijacking of Gear. Its head is covered in armor so that is resembles the head a... An `` attitude problem '' by Miller including English, Spanish,,... Who inherited a perfect identical genetic code to Big Boss that a Solid Snake and Meryl eventually.

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