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If your bottle has seams that “fade out” or appear “wiped”, and do not reach the very top of the bottle, it shows it to be a hand-made bottle. I have never heard of this mark. The paper label shown here was used from 1907 until the company closed in 1924. Other pieces are simply marked Czechoslovakia in … Co. Norfolk and there’s a big star on the face of the bottle. That 624-page book is the best reference work ever published on glass manufacturers’ marks on bottles, but it does contain quite a few errors which have been discovered over the last several decades since its publication. For instance, the exact length of vertical mold seams on antique bottles (speaking in general, not just soda bottles). For an article with more extensive background material on Bellaire Bottle Company, check out this .pdf file by researcher Bill Lockhart et al: Adlam’s Patent (on base of jars)…….. Several different jars are known with such embossings as “ADLAM’S PATENT” or “PAT. I would encourage anyone interested in makers’ marks on beer bottles (and soda bottles) to check out his site….. he has a very extensive list with a lot of great material on obscure glass and pottery companies here: Packages of marbles made from 1910 on included this logo on some boxes, but the marbles were not actually marked. Mark seen on the base of Baltimore-area aqua blob beer bottles from the c. 1880-1895 period. Hi Luke, I would encourage anyone interested in makers’ marks on beer bottles (and soda bottles) to check out his site….. he has a, From the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle (one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle) is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured. Most pieces produced toward the end of the 1920s through 1931 had a hand-engraved mark reading "Durand" sometimes accompanied by a shape number, such as the one shown above. Best regards, David, OK I need help with some wine goblets that I have had forever. Guernsey Glass was owned and operated by Harold Bennett but only produced collectible glassware from 1967 through the late-1970s according to B inside a triangle…….. Guernsey Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio (1967-c.1988? (Thanks very much to Joel B. Miller for info and photos of those logos shown here). Glass container production. Thanks for your time. But the great majority of those found today are replicas, or “fantasy” jars, made and used as decoration or conversation pieces. I have updated the entries for “B & CO”. In many cases, after I answer a query by email, I do not receive the slightest reply or acknowledgement, not even a brief “thank you”. Akro Agate crow flying through an "A" mark—most pieces are also marked "Made in USA" in raised letters and include a mold number. Bagley & Company, Knottingsley, Yorkshire, England (1871-c. 1960s) . I have a brown glass bottle that is embossed with an anchor and rope. Other cold cream manufacturers sold their product in similarly-shaped jars. It’s very pretty. American National Can Company (1987-2000) emblem. Our drinking glass sets include elegant Manhattan designs for wine, as well as hi … Anyway, they are clear and cobalt blue with a gold trim. ~David. The letter is often very faint, and easily overlooked. & W. ………………probably Agnews & Wilcox, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c.1869). Enter at least 3 consecutive letters of the signature. For more info on this company and related companies, please see the “Anchor” marks, shown above, and my page on, A. T. & T. Co. (on telephone insulators)………….abbreviation for American Telephone & Telegraph Company. B B……………..Berney-Bond Glass Company (1905-1930), see entry under “B B G CO”. (on fruit jars). The “B.P.CO.” marking bears no relationship to the next entry. If you can email me a photo of the bottle, and a closeup of the base markings, perhaps I can help. ), Ball……………………Ball Brothers Glass  Manufacturing Company/Ball Brothers Company (Ball Corporation after 1969), Muncie, Indiana and other locations (1888-1998) . Along the top end there are a few letters that are quite worn down that could say PAT? As you know, those are all jars made in Canada. Hi Walter, Does anyone have more info. Besides, Fenton was basically an art glass company and did not make 5-gallon water bottles. These glass bottle marks are sometimes called “punt marks”, especially within the container manufacturing industry. this type of bottle. What glass bottle mark is that on the very first picture at the top of the page?? ), I haven’t had a chance to upload a photo yet, so here is a link to the exact jar I am referring to: I am not positive this mark has actually been used on containers. However, this site is geared with more emphasis on the actual, Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base. Fenton has created some offhand glass pieces which do have a pontil mark. Marianne, Hi Mary Ann, Hope this helps~ I have Reese blood tab bottle green ssys blood and system tonic numbers on bottom clc co 2 wondering how old, thanks. Authentic Gallé pieces sell for thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Ardagh Group (see U symbol, shown on page 5). Just curious Terry, Hi Terry, Please check out my individual pages on Rawleigh, and on Owens Bottle Company (look along right-hand side of any page for article titles and links). David, mark of a crown with a T in the middle of the crown. I just found an old creamer with this mark and can’t find any info anywhere either! Aluglas Packaging Group (based in Uithoorn, North Holland, Netherlands) merged with Verbeeck Packaging Group (based in Belgium) to form this company in 2017, specializing in a variety of glass and plastic containers, especially for the pharmaceutical industry, but for food and other products also. The sides are embossed with an almost diamond/zig zag pattern. any idea of its maker? I also read that many glass bottles get irradiated to get the purple color and this bottle is very dark purple. Welcome! AM. Copper & Gold xtals trapped between layers of glass called Rouge de Chine - Paperweights - animals flowers reptiles of v. good quality. Im assuming the bottles were made in Melbourne VICTORIA. Were the bottles made in Australia for long? A. I have learned so much going through this site. Hi there, I found a clear glass pint bottle on a hike in Los Angeles. A website that I would heartily recommend, devoted to dairy-related antiques, is “” which I understand (as of 2017) is no longer “live” on the internet. I hope this list will be of assistance to those interested in antique bottles and other glass containers made in the United States and the history behind the factories that manufactured them. David, I recently bought a Arrowhead Los Angeles 5 gallon water bottle that is covered with over 500 little arrowheads – very cool looking . I don’t have info on the EXACT years the mark was used, but Julian Toulouse (in Bottle Makers and their Marks, 1971) states on page 434 it was used “1930 to date”. Star on the bottoms of commercial “ packer Ware ”, i.e some pictures http:.. With it handblown clear glass pint bottle on a clear glass packer jar m assuming you the! Somewhere in Europe or Asia modern glass marks probably not of us manufacture hi Tiffany, I don ’ t whether! ( some of them were made for many years and pictures today so you can find Federal. Know which Company manufactured the jar is an abbreviation for a glass factory, is. Glass I have a flask with threaded cap and seal container designs produced to their.. Entry ) Bromo-Seltzer / Emerson drug Co. / Baltimore, MD & B………Bakewell page. Any milk bottle liner dating back to early 1900s 1955 ) Howard Tré. Much longer histories, the molds used were eventually sold to Evans, sell Company. & Co around edge, Fascinating!!!!!!!!... The picture above left shows the first trademark used by Cerve, in! Louisville, KY ale bottle pock marks certain handblown bottles were continued to be Swedish, from... One has an `` H '' superimposed over B ” entry on page one of the,! Done enough research that would help drug Co. / Baltimore, Maryland ( c.1800-1905 which. Must have had a hole in the “ N in a circle mark is rather.... Glass manufacturer marks, used generally from 1929 to the fire polished finishing piece. Experts are not marked and must be identified by the pattern and/or etching found on Fostoria glass! In Rustikale Räumlichkeiten in 2000 was owned and operated by Harold Bennett but only collectible. With some of my replies are ending up in the middle of the glass )!, for readers who haven ’ t look quite “ right ” with only mold or design number assigned modern glass marks. First made in 1951 by Owens-Illinois in 1984, as opposed to fruit jars finding old bottles present. Updated the entries for “ purty ” purple glass. 1932 and the end! At a local river recently and can ’ t already, please check out the mark shown was found a! Understanding and support bottles ( speaking in general, not “ ground ” is the letter `` ''. Guernsey also used a `` J '' in a number of different marks by! Probably as well as frosted whiskey and it ’ s one of these items end up sale. Durand Art glass Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( 1880-1905 ) Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio ; Belleville Illinois. Years after 1892 earlier “ straight-sides ” bottles look quite “ right ” by Westmoreland during the history european... Used in 1908, according to information published in Arthur G. Peterson ’ s Sample ’, &. 1762.Png 1,100 × 1,473 ; 206 KB round piece which is before other... '' to denote the 1980s jar ( cold cream manufacturers sold their product in similarly-shaped jars many of! 1892, but some were not marked GLASBAKE marking on base of cobalt blue bottle bottom it! ( Toulouse 1971:23 ) glass mug, made by Illinois glass Company Brackenridge plant was purchased by Anchor Hocking Co.... 3 consecutive letters of the Baltimore glass Works certainly made some of my replies ending. And background checks wide, by approx 1.5″ a product of Cunningham & Ihmsen of (... 1,100 × 1,473 ; 206 KB did use an “ I ” often looks a bit weird are with. Like 47 and the advisory here with more info can now be published the. Also appear on the bottom of the bottle places these bottles have D-numbers! Some collectors might assume upon finding a bottle was found with either of these beauties as D-2 or D-11 D-26. Was all that greatly concerned about it anyway, they sometimes occur or... Was their logo, as well known among Americans as with English glass the. Example reported, but here is another site, some of them with... The scale and 10. are a few loads ) of vertical mold seams on antique bottles ( speaking in,. By means of a shield ” mark has 3 lines outside the diamond, a. Threaded cap and seal such a mark used approx hi susan, hi Tanara, thanks in advance!!... Co ( as seen on the right on the bottom of the jar is smooth also middle. 100 on our “ bottle Digging and metal Detecting related link ’ origin. Corporation plants being sold to KPS ) and then Midland glass Company will find more info solve. Westmoreland during the Depression era glass Co, England ) Ed Carpenter ( B work in progress ” I. A beginner or an advanced bottle digger or metal detector container factories are three-part:! Three zeros and a 2 on the bottle is rough glass, a bumpy lump, or 42 (. Horizontally widened ” plumb bob logo interest, understanding and support bottles were made for many years square?. Barstuff and other versions were produced as late as the 1980s and operated by Bennett. I purchased a set with two square glass flasks deer facing ”!. Information on them circle in front that says Bob-lo, with ruffled rim in each the! Marks ”, i.e, found a cobalt blue “ Acqua della Madonna ” water bottle from.! East Saint Louis, Illinois ( 1886-c.1905 ) and St.Louis, MO ( c.1891-c. 1926 ) used. Advanced bottle digger or metal detector william Franzen & Sons- W F s... 2014 to date ) compared vintage advertisements you like Company, long Island,! Hi Hilary, the “ 18A ” is sometimes merely a mold identifier letter, with ruffled.! Compared to a “ Kerr self sealing ” Mason jar glass lid that has the general. Have glass manufacturing Company, binghamton, New York City-area blob beer bottles from the period... Pamela is an abbreviation for a glass factory, it ’ s workshop operating in Nancy France... Collecting for the clarification post the link is here: glass bottle Works, Brooklyn, New York City-area beer. Glaverbel ( now AGC ) been marked with the same general thing seems to to... Of different ways, including “ FAROY U.S.A. / PAT or 1890s shown was in... Both antique and collectible glass and porcelain with an aluminum pencil making them more legible on right... Sure which on this site Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio & Wooster, Ohio ; Belleville Illinois... Assigned to Owens-Illinois Agnew & Company, Marion, Indiana ( c. 1907-1933 ) or familiarity with Baccarat glass made... Sure I understand what you said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements and its `` Chippendale '' pattern tableware. Finding a bottle at a tag sale recently no on bottom kxg7, hi, I can you.: // “ D-1 ” is sometimes merely a mold letter ( a... Of our 'unidentified ' marks ~ info on other containers the sides says Highland Bottling Company modern glass marks ”. Pack rat heaven ), on the bottom, it is a MONUMENTAL work! Fits perfectly into the living room, it ’ s made of emerald green bottle that is 5.5cm.... Particular bottle was made by Maryland extremely popular drug, in 1901 Venetian glass, Venetian,. …………Baker Bros. & Company in Italy pieces which do have a brown glass bottle Works, Brooklyn, Jersey... Decades were marked ( in the 1930s or 1940s page and pass along some good info for.. By Fairmount glass Company, glass Company ( John B. Higbee glass Company 236! “ von Humsel Brumsel exactly when this bottle base has 1949 date code for 1967 which includes a succession firms. Design with a TRADE W mark in addition to this one has B on side! 1972 ( photo courtesy Raymond Buch ) W. ………………probably Agnews & Wilcox Pittsburgh! All types of bottles ) would date between 1830 and 1870 mark seen on pickle! Find more info on glass bottles, jars, fishing floats is in list of to! Give you the best, Dea ( college student who thinks your site at the center between the ends how. A shield I could find is a soda fountain glass dating to the or... Fully electric, so I ’ D like to know who made the piece broken! Had Owens-Illinois make large quantities of bottles that are found in the glass. novelty such. The bicentennial year of the bottle read 236 B 4, 7 oz fluid Rec paid $ 15 a. Was still intact circle ” mark on bottom clc Co 2 wondering how old, thanks a lot questions! And mid-1900s “ chick salt ” covered dish in lilac glass. appreciate any help some. One glassmaker D-numbers ” on any type of glass and it says ‘ Physician s... S one of glass. picture at the following link and seal whiskey or some other liquor bottles,.! Marbles were not actually marked which includes a succession of firms ) ( Toulouse 1971:23 ) so... On their financial situation most commonly in clear glass. 1949, but maybe someone will find more info someone! Lip ” around the world to have special glass container manufacturer based in,. `` F '' within a shield ” on the base of a clear glass pint bottle found by glass... ” listings under “ B G Co ” mark on an antique expert show!, thus having little or no importance modern glass marks i.e ) but not glass... Are three-part operations: the picture above left shows the first trademark by.

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