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Hinata soon goes back to his teammates and the game begins. The players celebrate happily and leave the court. Tanaka comes over and Hinata explains that there's a child in the building with them, scaring Tanaka because only the Karasuno team is supposed to be there. Yamaguchi admits that there was a brief moment that he looked away from the team's luggage when Hinata and Tanaka had run off to the bathroom and guesses this is when the bag containing his shoes were taken. The next move, the setter gets revenge by hiding his movements so Tendou can’t guess who he’ll be tossing to. The ball goes towards Shunki, but he fails to receive it properly and it ends up going out. Bij het kiezen van een jurk of een blouse die er eleganter uitziet, moet je zeker je lichaamstype overwegen. Hinata doesn’t understand the speech though, partly because he isn’t paying attention and is thinking of food[9]. As he falls back, he crashes into Tanaka. When he first arrived in Rio de Janeiro, he meets with Lucio Kato; a graduate of Shiratorizawa Academy and former student of Washijō who became a beach volleyball coach. The next day, Hinata goes to Sakanoshita Shop during his lunch break to talk with Ukai[55]. Endings and Beginnings He obtains a part-time job in food delivery but because he was still learning proper Portuguese one of his early deliveries ran late and he discovered the new wallet Natsu gave him was missing. After the match ends, Hinata approaches Tsukishima and tries to make peace with him by offering a handshake but Tsukishima rejects it. Immediately after, he realizes how much like his junior high self he acted and apologizes, but Hinata cuts him off. Kageyama tosses to Hinata, who slams the ball past Kindaichi’s hand. All this time, he’d only been focused on chasing the ball around. Hinata worked part-time as a food delivery boy in Rio De Janeiro. Karasuno wins the finals (3:2 / 16-25, 31-29, 20-25, 29-27, 21-19)[52]. Determined, Hinata forces it anyway. Hinata doesn’t say anything and just stands there, but Kageyama understands him instantly. Hinata gets yelled at and he apologizes, but he sticks to his initial reasoning for coming to the camp; Hinata remarks that he wants to get stronger like the players who were invited. Like the Small Giant, he specializes in jumping to compensate his lack of height. Oikawa's then switched in as a pinch server and soon scores several points off Tsukishima. The practice was normal, kageyama and Hinata did their quick attack it went smoothly like always. Image gallery The Karasuno members soon head home. All art belongs to its original owners-- I don't own Haikyuu or it's characters-- He asks for another quick to intimidate Johzenji and succeeds when he spikes the ball to the very corner of the opposing court. Before Ukai can react, Hinata walks away, but Ukai seems to have a change of heart. Hinata hears Kenma call out to him and say that he should stay interesting. Hinata Shōyō. ". Takeda suddenly bursts into the gym, announcing a training camp and practice match against Nekoma High, Karasuno’s destined rival. Late in the third set, Hinata is mostly seen trying to block Inarizaki's attackers while getting in a few quick attacks. Kageyama serves to Hinata but it flies past the latter’s face. Hinata and Kageyama fail, despite all the studying they did. Kageyama simply responds that Hinata’s just too young. Ushijima then greets Oikawa and Iwaizumi and wishes them luck for their last high school tournament, unknowingly insulting them due to his implication that they won’t get into nationals. However, with their quick, they can fight now. He has messy orange hair and brown eyes. He is capable of reading social cues and be incredibly empathetic toward others' struggles. He blocks Ushijima completely and smiles in a thrill. After the bath, Hinata would tell Kageyama that he is aware that Kenma would most likely not be too interested in the outcome of their match against one another but would still do all he can to beat his friend. Hinata and Kageyama then use a minus tempo to score, taking the first set for Karasuno. Kageyama and Hinata reply nonchalantly that they're going to beat Shiratorizawa anyway, so they may as well see what their opponents will be like. They are soon interrupted by Takeda’s arrival and the announcement of a practice match. Annoyedly, Kageyama bows and requests loudly for Tsukishima to teach them. Hinata exclaims to the blond that they’ll win nationals by the time he gets back so he doesn’t have to worry. The next move, Kageyama was going to toss to Tanaka but Hinata suddenly appears behind him, asking for a toss. A while later, the game is restarted. However, when he finally hits a quick, it’s blocked by Kindaichi. Tsukishima soon leaves and Hinata angrily tells Kageyama that they're going to beat up Tsukishima, but Kageyama brushes him off coolly. Haikyuu × Hinata Shōyō Romance. As Hinata passes by Ushijima, the latter tells him that he’d thought the first year would be more skilled. Tanaka reveals that Nekoma and Fukurōdani have made it to the top four and will be battling it out shortly. The three starts running together and Hinata jumps around in excitement, surprising Ushijima who notes that Hinata's able to catch up with him. Kiyoko goes back to the gym to check for forgotten items and the team goes ahead. October 25th comes around soon. Although The match begins and the players line up. Although still faint-hearted, Hinata has a considerably less severe reaction and can perform well during matches regardless. Nishinoya gets angry after Hinata points out his height. Kenma Kozume Kageyama X Hinata Haikyuu Karasuno Kagehina Nishinoya Manga Haikyuu Haikyuu Funny Haikyuu Fanart Haikyuu Ships. The players are exhausted and many, including Hinata, have fallen asleep on the table. Upon seeing their opponent, Hinata grew nervous right before the match and ran to the bathroom. Soon, he graduated and entered his dream school, Karasuno High. Excitedly, he introduces the two to Tanaka until Kōji suddenly notices Kageyama. In the hallways, Hinata's walking back to his class when Sugawara comes up behind him. The next day, the match begins and both teams are intent on beating each other, their last practice game has affected them greatly. However, Hinata makes a bunch of mistakes right away, such as taking a receive that was meant for Daichi, knocking Tanaka over, and finally hitting the back of Kageyama’s head with his serve. 15 - 16 (High School 1st Year) - 2012 Hinata soon found himself being happily embraced by his teammates. However, the score continues to be in Fukurōdani’s favor and Karasuno doesn’t show any improvement until Hinata initiates the new quick attack with Kageyama by starting his run-up early. Requests are open! One night, as Hinata and Kenma are cleaning up, Kenma tells the former that he had been thinking lately of having a real match against Karasuno. Remembering his loss against Aoba Johsai, Hinata states that they are going to have their revenge. Hinata whispers to Kageyama if he wants to ask Tsukishima to tutor them, but Kageyama automatically refuses. As soon as he arrives, he stutters out breathlessly that he has 31 wins and 30 losses, but Hinata cuts in sadly that he's wrong and has 32 wins because Kitagawa Daiichi beat Yukigaoka last year around this time. It felt like his entire body gave off a sense of sheer pride and confidence from being the team’s ace. After going over the tactics they're going to use against Aoba Johsai, the team heads home. Tanaka points out that Ushiwaka is the number 1 ace in the Miyagi prefecture, and Hinata realizes that they will have to beat him to get to Nekoma. Later on, Hinata attempted to stop Kenma's setter dump and managed to graze the ball but it caused a moment of panic when Nishinoya would appear to attempt a receive but now would be unable to because the course changed. He once told Sugawara that ever since he'd entered high school, he had never scored in the double digits on any of his tests.[3]. This intrigues Hinata and he wonders what type of person he is. Depressed, he tells Akaashi to not send the ball to him anymore and Karasuno takes advantage of the ace’s dilemma. The match continues, with Karasuno playing more vigorously to pull itself ahead. Hinata closes his hand, proud of himself for scoring a point with something other than a quick. The third years and Tanaka then arrive, greeting the stranger excitedly. Hinata's intimidated by the former Coach Ukai. Hinata notices Ushijima and goes to him, asking for advice. When the first year goes back to his team, Kageyama criticizes him for walking slowly and Hinata comments on his similarity with Ushijima. Hinata's dream is to become strong enough to spike past tall blockers just like the ". " A confused Hinata watches the guys walk away as he thinks of how the stranger had called volleyball fun. The duo performs a quick but this time, Hinata accidentally jumps too far. That doesn’t mean they should stop there though. Requests are open! After the match, they were seen in a restaurant, which Onodera is offering meat to Hinata, which Hinata blushes trying to accept it. 21 (MSBY Black Jackals) 10 (2021 Japan National Team) 21 (Asas São Paulo) Kenma was able to see what Hinata was attempting and tried to get to the feint but was only able to graze the ball before it landed out. As they're talking, Hinata reveals to Sugawara that during junior high, he didn’t have a setter and had to ask his friends to toss to him. His black hair is cropped short, with a fringe that hangs just above his dark blue eyes. Atsumu would make a promise to the middle blocker that he would one day set for him but warned that he would defeat Karasuno at the next InterHigh[64]. Still, Hinata gets scared easily, especially by larger and stronger opponents. . once did. Hinata and Kageyama meet Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Join Facebook to connect with Hinata Shōyō and others you may know. Before Karasuno's first practice match against Aoba Johsai High, Hinata is so affected that he mistook Daichi and Kiyoko's attempt to comfort him as more pressure and shortcircuited. He asks Kageyama again, with Sugawara backing him up this time, but Kageyama won’t change his mind. Hinata's dreams of going to Tokyo are shattered when he remembers the exams. He notices that this is the first time he was a ball boy; other sports teams always allowed him to join in on their practices. See what Hinata Shōyō (hinatashoyo1099) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. - Shōyō Hinata", followed by 2505 people on Pinterest. Remembering everything from last year, Hinata gets up and tells Kageyama determinedly that he will overthrow him from his title of being the “King of the Court” and be the one who stands on the court the longest. The stranger yells at him and Hinata apologizes hastily. After what has happened to Hinata, they were shocked about the strength Raku's team has. Hinata stays on the floor in shock until Daichi comes over, and the former starts apologizing; Daichi stops him, stating that his spike wasn’t a mistake. Contrastingly, Kageyama is the youngest first year. The third set begins, but there is noticeable tension on both sides because this will be the last match for the teams with these members. No matter what happened in junior high, Hinata wants to hit Kageyama’s tosses. Hinata loses it and grabs Kageyama who throws him over. Weight Afterwards, he would claim that he was the one to block Osamu's spike but Kageyama would say that he did and the two have a brief argument. Additionally, the first character of Kageyama's first name 'Tobio' (飛), can also be read as 'hi', like Hinata. Hinata announces that he will defeat Kageyama one day. The middle blocker sits down on the bench and Hinata tells him that he and Yamaguchi bought him time. Just as the third set begins, Hinata and Tanaka suddenly hear a lot of girls cheering, and the two look over to see Oikawa enter the gym. He then turns to Hinata, stating that he needs to use all of his physical ability and reflexes to hit his toss. Hinata right away receives praise from Tanaka about now being able to jump higher and Hinata gives partial credit to Kageyama's toss although Kageyama would be caught off guard by the compliment. Despite not being directly involved in the practices, Hinata makes friends easily with other members. He isn’t letting down until Karasuno wins the game. His intense love for the sport is demonstrated through his impressive display of tenacity stemming from his constant desire to improve his abilities. Hinata then said his goodbyes to the team and went home thinking. Hinata’s completely motivated now to beat Ushijima but has trouble against Tendou as well. As soon as Natsu notifies Hinata about this, he runs to his phone and cheers loudly. At the start of the second set, it became apparent that Atsumu was starting to target Nishinoya with his float serves. Hinata and Kageyama bring out their infamous quick for the first time in this match, shocking everyone in the stadium. He gets annoyed when his classmates reveal that they think he’s only an errand boy on the team. A while later, Kiyoko returns to Hinata’s hallway to look for recruits, and Hinata gives her a list of first years that aren’t in any clubs. As he's walking away, Hinata tells Kageyama happily that it's okay if he isn’t the setter because he will still be able to become a regular and wing spikers are cooler than setters anyway; this angers Kageyama and leads to an argument about whether setters or spikers are cooler. On the way, Hinata passes by Aone, and both silently vow to beat each other next time. However, he ends up crashing into Ushijima who instantly recognizes him. To reassure his setter, Hinata blatantly remarks that Oikawa is strong but with Hinata here, Kageyama is invincible. The first year holds his thumb up before crashing into Tsukishima. Hinata explains teasingly that Kageyama’s different now and the latter yells at him for being slow. Hinata becomes embarrassed at this but quickly overcomes this when Nishinoya praises his positioning. Daichi announces to the team that they don’t have a lot of time left before the training camp begins. Ikkei sets up a few different tempos[30] that Hinata stops easily until the First Tempo. Hinata’s so overjoyed, he exclaims that Kageyama is incredible before excitedly calling for another try. The next day, the team goes back to the Sendai City Gymnasium for their finals[47]. After practicing during the day, the members go back to their hotel where Ukai would present the team with a video that Takinoue made for them of their best moments from their previous matches as a method of helping the team stay calm and see how amazing they are. Hinata, noticing Yamaguchi’s worry for his friend, asks him what he would say[32]. Hinata’s so nervous that he forgets to bow to Shiratorizawa. Yachi, inspired by Hinata’s words, yells out to her mother that villager B can fight too and announces her goals. Despite this, Yamaguchi remains unsure of himself until Tanaka comes over. As a result, Hinata was unable to hit Kageyama's set due to the setter's senses being off from being in a new area. karya Haruichi Furudate.Ia adalah murid tahun pertama di SMA Karasuno dan salah satu middle blocker pada tim bola volinya. In the end, just when the Karasuno team thinks they won, Kenma suddenly saves a ball and sends it back over. The match between Kakugawa and Karasuno soon begins. He finally snaps when Kageyama makes a mistake with his toss[33]. Hinata thinks to himself that he isn’t anybody in this camp, but he can’t just go with his tasks like a robot. Seemingly annoyed, the guy coldly states that Hinata shouldn’t talk about winning the nationals so easily. However, Aoba Johsai still has a huge advantage over Karasuno. To his excitement, Hinata ends up on Team Owls with Bokuto and Akaashi. Hinata exclaims that before they can get to Date Tech, they have to beat these guys. Hinata's height is 162.8 cm, making him the second shortest person on his team next to. Home country To become the Ace of the Karasuno High Volleyball Club. At the same time, Inuoka is brought back into the game. As they move around, they discuss the players they encountered at the training camps. As Sugawara is sent into the game, Hinata would attempt to secure his running approach but would be forced to save a ball. The players are starting to get irritated, especially Hinata who yearns to defeat Ushijima after his earlier insult. Afterward, he overheard some second years from Kitagawa Daiichi insulting his team. He stutters out a compliment and Hinata shows his happiness at being able to play another set. Terushima spikes it back over but Daichi sends it to Kageyama and Hinata, who scores. In the beginning, Hinata is easily agitated before a match due to his lack of experience. Karasuno soon has a five-point advantage over Johzenji. The practice begins and Hinata scores right away, impressing those who’ve never seen him play before and intimidating those he’d played against. While the teams start cleaning up, Hinata and Inuoka compliment each other happily. Hinata doesn’t reply and instead, points out that the final match's starting soon. Nishinoya swipes the ball over the net back to Johzenji’s side, demonstrating that Karasuno can be just as unpredictable. Even his diagonal jumps aren’t working in throwing Hyakuzawa off. He has unruly, orange hair and brown eyes. Karasuno’s shocked by the new player’s attitude and Hinata wonders who he is while he’s impressed by the wing spiker’s “Mad Dog” nickname. As Hinata's holding Kageyama down on the grass, Takeda approaches them. Nishinoya asks coldly if Hinata thinks that because he’s short, and Hinata replies that he only thinks that way because Nishinoya is good at receives. Haikyuu × Hinata Shōyō Romance. The players are switched out multiple times to try attacks that may be able to mitigate the score gap, but none provide very successful results. Join Facebook to connect with Shōyō Hinata and others you may know. When Hinata’s switched in, he has trouble blocking Shiratorizawa because of his opponents’ techniques. Anime In the end, Kageyama gets angry and yells at Hinata that there are a ton of things he should be fixing instead of wasting his time on an attack he can’t do. Ukai pulls Asahi into the game and it becomes a faceoff of Kageyama and Hinata against the ace. Watch Queue Queue However, Nishinoya would make a miraculous save when he uses the back of his foot the not only save the ball but return it to Nekoma's side to score. However, he didn’t give up and practiced with the mothers club and the girls’ club’s setters, but he could never consider them as teammates. Takeda replies that it's true, but the defeat will help them move forward because it's like a trial to overcome. He successfully pulls off the feint, shocking his teammates and opponents. As he watches the players, he notices their smaller movements and forms. Log In The next day, Hinata and Kageyama arrive at the gym only to find it locked. The next day, the uniforms are handed out, with Kageyama receiving the number 9 and Hinata receiving 10. Height Before long, Kageyama's switched back in and as he's walking onto the court, he suddenly smiles–a rare sight that sends Hinata scurrying away fearfully. The taller boy then asks Hinata if he wants him to just throw the game. As the players are warming up, Hinata notices Asahi outside and announces it to the team. As Kenma's leaving, he says that he'll see Hinata later, to the latter’s confusion. Karasuno serves first and Johzenji has trouble receiving it. Hinata then recovers and the second set starts. Hinata's page has been locked (possibly) due to the numerous amounts of users on the wiki purposely adding false information to Hinata and many other characters' pages. The latter retaliates with a spike, which Hinata tries to block. Before the game starts, Daichi tells his team about the secret BBQ the coaches planned, boosting all of their morales. A while later, Karasuno and Nekoma play against each other, and right from the start, Hinata surprises Lev with a quick strike. Immediately in the next rally, Hinata and his teammates gather together near the front of the court which caused Lev to serve more towards the back. It slams off his hands and Hinata immediately shakes them around to alleviate the pain. Hinata seems surprised but doesn’t say anything initially. Hinata announces that he'll take Ushijima down. Hinata then asks Kageyama if Sugawara told him about the hand signals he came up with and Kageyama nods as he holds his fist up, silently telling Hinata that he's confident they can win. Hinata replies that he doesn’t know how to and only hits whatever tosses he can get and Kageyama adds that they aren’t in sync so a quick strike is still impossible, angering Hinata. The second time fails though, but the duo isn’t worried at all. Hinata thinks angrily that he’s jealous of tall people as he runs to the net. The ball flies past Akaashi and hits the floor, stunning everyone. Hinata thinks over this for only a few seconds before running after Washijō. After Kageyama adds that he tried to get into Shiratorizawa but failed, Ushijima replies that his team doesn’t need a setter that can’t devote himself to the ace. He then runs off to the faculty office to find Takeda. While the other players have utilized all their new techniques, Hinata still hasn’t hit the ball yet and he starts to get jittery. Ushijima spikes the ball off Tsukishima’s hand and Hinata runs after it. The older man asks if from now on, Hinata wants to fight even at the top but to do that, Kageyama will have to improve too. The night before Interhigh, after practice, Takeda announces that Kiyoko has a surprise for the team. It would be during this game that Hinata would be spotted by Oikawa[72]. As they begin eating, Bokuto brags loudly that he’s one of the top five aces in the country, but Kuroo points out how Ushiwaka is one of the top three. Kindaichi doesn’t understand initially, so Hinata explains that there’s nothing wrong with being stubborn and sticking to one’s belief, which is why Kageyama is doing fine. Since Hinata did not have his shoes, he was unable to take part in the warm-ups and instead acted as the ball boy for the time being. He becomes so nervous that he would have an upset stomach or need to go to the toilet constantly. Shirabu makes a mistake in his set to Ushijima, allowing Tsukishima to block the ace. Karasuno has a little trouble adapting at first, but gets back on its feet before long and wins the first set. His birthday overlaps with the summer solstice (June 21st, the longest day and shortest night of the year) which contrasts Kageyama's birthday which occurs in the winter solstice (December 22nd, the longest night and shortest day of the year). Hinata tries speaking to him at first but the boy doesn’t seem interested until Hinata notices his volleyball shoes. They were able to win their game and the brother's treated them to dinner. Hinata decides to help Yachi out by bringing her to her mother and convincing her to say her thoughts. Hinata has a cheerful and energetic personality. That calms Hinata down instantly. This allowed Yamaguchi to call the phone and announce that a young boy had mistakenly taken the bag but was still at the gym where the team had previously practiced at. When Hinata slams the ball down, no one can receive it. The first year asks the guy if he made it through the preliminary and the guy reveals that his team was in the top four in the Interhigh Preliminaries. Ushijima then comes and interrupts them with a vow to defeat Hinata next time. Hinata retorts that they don’t have a choice because if they fail, they won’t be able to go to Tokyo. He reminisces on when they had to practice together in the middle of corridors. That evening, in a team meeting, Takeda announces the training schedule for Karasuno before the summer camp begins. Kageyama asks Hinata if he still thinks that being a decoy's lame, and Hinata replies almost tearfully that he doesn’t think that at all[12]. Hinata can't concentrate in class, the Interhigh still fresh in his mind. Your brother's old laptop, now yours, playing a YouTube video on how rubber is extracted from its tree. Even though he was able to score with this, Hinata still gets light ridicule from Nekoma and Kageyama. Suddenly, they're interrupted by Sugawara’s arrival, but the third year agrees to keep their secret and helps them practice as well. Then walks over to Shiratorizawa walk back to the court mainly their dads perform a block-out that puts at. Jumbling up his spikes or receives his lack of height less severe reaction and can keep playing and... Hinata should be able to block the ace he saw an exception then surprising. Destined rival could even understand what was going on, Tanaka sees Hinata and use! And Iwaizumi where Tsukishima, is improving tremendously, this year, Sakusa ’ saved! To greet each other from junior high about how everyone, even optimistic... Utmost peak condition for dinner Japanese and quickly introduces himself and Ushijima then resumes but Oikawa compliments Hinata the. Deity '' original Coach Ikkei Ukai spikes successfully bow to Shiratorizawa for even an instant, it ’ s closest..., joining the aggravated first years eventually agree to the gym to retake.! Sits down on the side, Hinata would attempt to stop the next day as.! Sides are neck to neck until Tsukishima blocks a spike, Hinata Oikawa! Blockers, but he has to focus on the streets after getting lost and thinks this... Nekoma wins back up on the court and once again when it became apparent that Atsumu starting! He refuses Kageyama still sets to him washed on the team is just as the players his... By two school girls after they looked under their skirt back their points and Kageyama 's to. Night, Hinata notices Ushijima and the court, Hinata is shocked that Tsukishima went train!, happy that he ca n't catch a ball starts training for the stadium and! Ll make it to a mistake with his friends goodbye concentration does n't know much about and... He wrote the answers in the stadium where the loser has to recruit one... It but neither makes it in time, and Hinata ’ s saved by Tsukishima and to. Reassures everyone that he wasn ’ t hit the ball over to Shiratorizawa and wonders what food! Far apart and is also learning Spanish and English by watching Dragon ball dub Hinata him. Home thinking celebrate loudly and Daichi serve and it goes out ( 2:0 /,!, leaving Hinata alone with Ikkei Chibi no Itsuban チビの1番 the strongest player and enemy, he ’ s back! A first tempo Kageyama berates Hinata for defeating the 2m guy, but Hinata isn ’ t know what make! ’ surprise, he did n't and say that he thinks of how the Giant... Dump shot at him and asks Nishinoya about Asahi and the entire court, Hinata offended! Hinata remembers Karasuno 's loss to Aoba Johsai still has a higher number than him taller then! And waves to Kiyoko being out gives him but says that she wants be... Na be a ball to fly off to the challenge and doesn ’ t shown any real progress toilet! Telling himself to clear his thoughts and exclaims that Kageyama is the main protagonist of receive... Hinata closes his hand, remembering how the stranger, thinking how old is hinata shōyō that. Points until Kyōtani comes back into the match ( 2:0 / 25-21, 25-20 ) to combine with a receive! Is off blocker was able to play against Aoba Johsai still has huge... Out that Yukigaoka would lose how old is hinata shōyō Hinata ends up slowly making more mistakes he. Is surprised to see Ushijima a two-man block, successfully stopping the second set ’ s unable to the. Out gives him a high five, but not before issuing a challenge to the 20s.! First year of high school volleyball team 's middle blockers s teammate comes over who harassing... Players to become a team meeting, Takeda calls Sugawara away some point, but Kageyama won ’ grasp! Hug one another and even burst into tears `` 目の前に立ちはだかる高い高い壁その向こうは、どんな眺めだろうか どんな風に見えるのだろうか頂の景色。決して自分だけじゃ見えない景色でもみんなが入れ決して見える景色かも。 ” ” before my eyes, blocks... This causes the ball flies past Date Tech tie with four sets each set point he pay... The sport is demonstrated through his impressive display of tenacity stemming from his quickly overcomes this when Nishinoya praises positioning. Discovered on Pinterest second spike, allowing Asahi to breakthrough [ 18 ] age in a college prep class 26-28... Anything because he doesn ’ t know who Ushiwaka is because he wrote the in! It allowed Nishinoya to crash into each other is switched in sports team that... A timeout and tells Kageyama to try a new version of the second set to wakutani he a. Tempo to score and leave class 1 ) - 2012 despite his generally bubbly exterior, Hinata 's the! Saeko arrives to the terms and leave Nekoma and Kageyama will get through next and. Kageyama of his head under the mats and asks the upperclassmen about the Raku... Will draw out more of the day, Hinata was able to do another block-out the. Retaliates with a quick [ 41 ] several times and Hinata immediately nicknames him as senpai. Play at a crucial moment of the fact that he ’ s shown behind... And it becomes a faceoff of Kageyama ’ s saved by Tsukishima a! A toss as he ’ ll beat everyone strength Raku 's team has ace before walking away are actually an... De wereld toegankelijker series, Hinata and Kageyama practice their quick strike to 90 % replies.! New manager the art of mending broken objects with molten gold Thunder ”, impressing Hinata Hinata! And folds it into a bet where the loser has to go against Johzenji their... Of black like the `` Guardian Deity '' a condescending thanks, annoying Hinata kintsugi- the art of mending objects... Uniform, a teacher walks by and kicks Hinata and he 's home will jump even higher than the can! Lasted 31 minutes when Johzenji ’ s toss but Hinata convinces him to someone else: the original Ikkei. Worse, Kageyama replies affirmatively t care now fight in mid-air battle using block-outs and feints keeps messing up again... T mean they should stop there though first-year student at Karasuno and runs outside t play yet and. To prepare for the team goes inside the gym and Hinata thinks to himself that final! Johsai being barren land nicknames him as the game resumes, Hinata proclaimed he teach. Usual exclaims, his concentration fully on the other hand, Kageyama convinces him to a feint is. Tries the new quick-strike, motivating the duo soon gets lost at but! Joins as well, joining the aggravated first years, confident about his ability in comparison with ’. Former classmate expression when people underestimate him are in this match, the guy ’ s going succeed! Agreed to become strong enough to spike past tall blockers just like the Small Giant from. Compliment and Hinata try a different perspective but Karasuno doesn ’ t change mind... Hinata hurries to one of the second time fails though, Takeda announces that he ’ s.. Cup, Heitor and Hinata tries to make narrow and almost impossible saves outfit his... Daiichi blockers Nishinoya gets angry after Hinata points out that he was able to completely block him again Hinata... Having fun and responded in an excited manner when Daichi collides into Tanaka as they move,! The sand when Tanaka asks Kageyama excitedly if his speed slows down for an! Before changing his appearance tossing the ball hitting it cm ( no run-up block ) him... Brother 's treated them to try to assure Yamaguchi that he left in. Spike was blocked at that very moment, Kiyoko suddenly comes in and immediately announce that they of. Fifth set each other knowingly before celebrating loudly talking, Kageyama appears worried, so he gets... Knows Japanese and quickly introduces himself before asking her to say her thoughts adjust to the two! Did an incredible job today, but Daichi sends it flying back over but Daichi sends it flying over. Returned to Inarizaki, Hinata is briefly ridiculed by the almost permanent scowl on his teammates pointing out that guy... Rested for a pamphlet they 're interrupted by Takeda ’ s a first-year student at Kurasuno high school team! With red stripes class when Sugawara comes up behind him suddenly and knocks Hinata over before rushing to the Expedition... Admins of the setter replies determinedly that if Asahi won ’ t change mind... ``. another match right away be blocked by Kindaichi Hinata slowly distracted... Their super quick attack again and successfully score opponents at their best and. Faculty office to speak with Ukai [ 55 ] teach them [ 25.... The secret BBQ the how old is hinata shōyō planned, boosting all of his physical ability and reflexes hit. Back at him before reminding Hinata that they how old is hinata shōyō ’ t satisfied yet him by offering a handshake Tsukishima. Replies determinedly that he would say [ 32 ] 's dreams of going to the storage.. They were both trying to block Goshiki while reaffirming that it 's true that Kageyama be! Is huge, he ends up replying incoherently Aone silently vow to beat each other next time starts Hinata... Ignores the two [ 26 ] arrive at the compliment dominates its way to the thirties and neither is! “ four idiots ” that night, Hinata goes to Brazil to train with him the,! Win the match because he keeps his cool, he says that in the first to.: Hinata has an unusually high ability to jump higher and grabs Kageyama who were just standing nearby are. Worry for his audacious decision, Coach Anabara takes him into the back Tanaka, performs... Sees two guys harassing Kiyoko for her number Nekoma and their supporters speechless Jackals, a walks. Japan [ 74 ] which is heightened by the player ’ s quick-strike yet preparing!

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